UPDATE: Harper Voyager U.S. – Open Submission

Happy February, everyone!

I know a few of you have contacted us on Twitter and Facebook to ask about the status of the manuscripts that were submitted to the Harper Voyager US open call we had last November. And so here’s a quick update:

We aren’t quite done yet. But we are working on it, and plan to have the first round of responses out to all you writers by the end of April. Ultimately, we hope to have gotten to everyone by the beginning of June.

So while a sloth is our unofficial mascot, rest assured we’re working as fast as we can—there were quite a number of submissions we need to go through. Too, we’re not that big of an editorial team, so it takes us some time (in between, you know, all the other things we have to do as editors).

But the good news is you should be hearing from us pretty soon, and in the meantime, apologies for the delay.

Onward, Voyager!

The HVUS Editorial Team

(image via http://www.dobiedesign.com/)
(image via http://www.dobiedesign.com/)



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