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Hey gang–Publicist Caro here with a new recurring blog post we’re doing: This Week in Geek, to give you a nice Friday recap of the important things that have happened in nerddom.  So, let me get to it, because two kind of MAJOR things happened this week, and I am SUPER EXCITED to talk about them…so much so, in fact, that I wrote most of this post in all caps, and then realized I should tone it down some. Anyhow.

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If you’re at all plugged in to the gaming world, then you’ve heard that Nintendo has some seriously cool developments a-brewing. Namely, their new Nintendo Switch gaming console (to be released on March 3rd), which, may I say, sounds completely revolutionary. Here’s why: the Switch is a console that is designed to be played anywhere, from a sweet flat screen/surround sound set up in your home, to the park, to an airplane, or a subway. Last night, at 11pm ET, Nintendo held a press conference in which they released more details on the highly anticipated new system. Here are some highlights, but I encourage you to check out the full presentation for more sweet deets on all the games being released, and extra console info:


  •  The entire presentation was absolutely chock-full of over-emphasized “switch” puns (ie: let’s “switch” over to a video trailer”). Harper Voyager is a pun-friendly imprint, and I was personally thrilled to see this (p)underdog of humor get so much play (I’m not sorry about that, FYI).


  • We got a whole lot more information about about the controller system for the Switch, called JoyCon. The JoyCon can be split up into two controllers for easy playing with friends, or kept as one piece for single-player games. What’s really exciting though is the new-and-improved motion sensors, which will allow for waaaayyyyy more interaction between players in games, such as the newly announced ARMS (more on that next).


  • ARMS! What a ridiculously straight-forward game name. I am already obsessed with it, and henceforth, I will only yell/capslock the name, as it so clearly deserves. ARMS is actually a pretty cool take on a standard fighting game: players hold a JoyCon in each hand and box with each other (from a distance–no physical contact). This game mostly relies on your ability to read your opponent’s body language and react accordingly, and not on your ability to button-mash like a champ. However, Nintendo also did point out that there will be a lot of movement/button combos available to players looking to get into ARMS at a higher level. So, this could be really cool, and it definitely points to an all new type of game we’re sure to see more of in the coming years.


  • Perhaps this is just exciting to me personally, but Bethesda also announced that they will be re-releasing Skyrim for the Switch, and I swear I yelled loud enough disturb my landlord’s sleep (sorry, John…). Skyrim is quite possibly my all-time favorite game (I mean, I was able to make a character based on my cat, do magic, and fight dragons–it doesn’t get any better), and the thought of being able to play a gorgeously re-mastered version of it on my home television, and then continue playing on my commute into work is, well…I’m tearing up a little bit at the prospect
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  • Lastly, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also be released on March 3rd, and it looks IUGDYUFTGCWDYTWFBUDBAV GHAC YDE. And by that, I mean it looks stunning, drop-dead gorgeous, breathtaking, every-good-thing. We got to see an extended trailer of the game, and I suffered heart palpitations from the sheer beauty. My boyfriend, a life-long Zelda fan…I think he was considered legally dead for about five minutes after yelling in extreme joy (sorry again, John…).

March 3rd can now be considered a high holiday for nerds, because the Nintendo Switch and everything that comes along with it look jaw-droppingly bonkers-awesome.



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Along with legions of geeks and dedicated binge-watchers, I am obsessed with all three of Marvel Comics’ Netflix original series (Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage)–and eagerly awaiting the release of their fourth series, Iron Fist (yet another reason March can’t come soon enough). Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly treated us all to a very cool first look at The Defenders all together, in the form of a magazine cover shoot, and an accompanying behind-the-scenes video of all four Defenders palling around in Brooklyn somewhere (with a really important cameo made by Krysten Ritter’s dog).

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For those who may need a refresher, or anyone merely blinded by the allure of big MCU movie theater releases, The Defenders (release for Summer 2017) is Marvel’s darker, smaller-scale response to all of the Avengers shenanigans we’ve had the pleasure of viewing in the past years. The Defenders don’t guard the galaxy, or even protect planet earth; they just protect NYC–actually, each one of them is individually focused on their own little neighborhoods in NYC, but when they team up, I think we can assume it becomes a city-encompassing situation. Matthew Murdoch (aka Daredevil), Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist), are all deeply unsettled individuals with personal demons, whether it’s as a result of tragedy, injury, PTSD, jail-time, or any combination thereof. I like to think of them as the everyman’s superheroes, because they suffer from a lot of the mental hangups that characterize modern life, and rise above. Their focus will be based around keeping their city free of corruption and making sure justice is served in NYC, rather than combating an alien invasion.

Overall, I’m left with two questions: 1) HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WAIT UNTIL SUMMER 2017 FOR THIS?! and 2) How did all these superheroes get so superhot?! Eye-candy galore. I’m ABOUT it.


Anyhow, that’s This Week in Geek. Keep it geeky, y’all. Caro out!

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