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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, nerds! Let’s get down to Geek biz!



For anyone who follows this blog, you may have noticed that I was extremely excited for the premier of Marvel’s new Iron Fist Netflix show…but alas, the past two weeks of early reviews have crushed my spirits, along with my anticipation. Almost all the reviews from outlets that received screener copies of the first six episodes were negative. However, none of that changes the fact that today is the day Danny Rand punches his way into our TV screens…and more importantly, the day Colleen Wing kick-fights her way into our hearts. If you’re like me, you’re just going to get lots of wine, buckle down, and watch this thing, hoping and praying for lots and lots of Colleen/ Claire Temple scenes, because at least those can’t be a disappointment, right? RIGHT?!


This week, the trailer for the American Gods TV show aired, and OH MY GODS! It looks amazing! The premiere date is April 30th, on Starz, and I have nothing more to say. Well, that’s a lie; I always have more to say, but in this case, it’s mostly incoherent excitement. Go watch the trailer and share my joy!


It has recently come to my attention that the CIA uses board games for training. What’s more, these games actually sound pretty awesome! In an article from Popular Mechanics, it was reported that David Clopper, Senior Collection Analyst at the CIA, got bored with traditional training methods in 2008, and decided to incorporate his love of video- and tabletop gaming into the learning process. The result is a game called Collection, which is apparently something like the wildly popular game Pandemic. The point of Collection is to collect crtitical intelligence in order to solve three problems around the world. There can be up to seven people per team, although each team must contain at least a political, military, and economic analyst.

I really love that this just seems like putting together an excellent D&D party, except in a real-world super-serious CIA setting. I also love how nerdy this is. The full article (HERE) is a very interesting read, and I highly recommend it!


That’s about it for this week. Celebrate (or binge watch) wisely, if that is what you are doing tonight for Saint Patrick’s Day/ Iron Fist day. And of course, keep it geeky!



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