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Oh hai there! This week in geek: pocket monsters, taco weddings, cannibals, and Asgardian roommate woes. Intrigued? Let’s get to it.

Be the sloth princess you always knew you could be. Source: Giphy
Be the sloth princess you always knew you could be.
Source: Giphy


I’m going to lead in a bit strongly here, but just go with it. If you do not like Pokémon, I’m cordially inviting you to go eat a whole big bowl of butts. I love Pokémon. It is a major pass time of mine, and also my unofficial form of therapy (as I once wrote about here on The Mary Sue). Anyhow, my point here is that I have been playing Pokémon Go with a fiery fervor since it came out the day before my birthday, and unlike some of you quitters out there, I have not stopped. AND NOW, GEN 2 HAS BEEN RELEASED, SO PLEASE GET OUT OF MY WAY, I HAVE A CHIKORITA TO CATCH! There were also a lot of other changes made my favorite pocket monster app, including more candy bonuses, gendered Pokémon (which means breeding is gonna happen soon, guys!), and more berry types. See all the details over here on this fabulous article from Forbes.

Me RN, tbh Source: Giphy
Me RN, tbh
Source: Giphy


It is a truth universally acknowledged that I love Jason Momoa. Therefore, I was very excited to see that he an Keanu will be starring in a Mad Max type movie about cannibals and feminism and dystopia. I am not so big on cannibals, but everything else about this, I love. Check the trailer out here, and make up your own mind. The movie will be called The Bad Batch, which I think is a fantastic title, and I’m cautiously optimistic. Also, that was pretty much all the excuse I needed to share some of my excessive amounts of Momoa-GIFS.

Wrong movie, but whatever, it's still a great GIF Source: Giphy

Wrong movie, but whatever, it’s still a great GIF
Source: Giphy

So dreamy wow I am slain Source: Giphy
So dreamy wow I am slain
Source: Giphy


Like the rest of the MCU-loving world, I am extremely stoked for the next Thor movie. So stoked, in fact, that I joyously spent my Valentine’s Day gorging on sushi and watch Thor 2: The Dark World, but that’s really just some bragging on my part, and mostly unrelated to this. What is related, though, is that a new short video of Thor and his human roommate, Darryl, was released, and it’s comedic gold. Watch it here, and be prepared to suffer from a case of the LOLs.

I like this video. Another! Source: Giphy
I like this video. Another!
Source: Giphy


I admit to being somewhat flabbergasted by this, but I guess you can get married in a Taco Bell now? I’m sharing this, because like many good geeks, I enjoy stuffing myself full of super-cheap Taco Bell fare, and then wallowing in shame as I absorb the calories into my sedentary, video-game playing body. Anyhow, should this be of interest to you, it looks like the true fans of Fourthmeal can now tie the knot in the Vegas location of Taco Bell, and even get a hot sauce packet bouquet (that part sounds pretty neat, if I’m honest). Get all the deets here.



That’s it for now. Later, skaters–keep it geeky!

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy




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