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Hello, from the frozen wilderness of New York? Okay, so it’s not exactly a “wilderness,” and it is somewhat more “slushified” than frozen at this point, but I’m going with it. Is your body ready for what happened this week in geek? (Fair warning: this was a good week for comic book adaptation situations)

Chang My Body Is Ready


I love comic book adaptations more than Damian Wayne secretly loves kittens. They’ve done a lot to bring nerd culture into the pop culture spotlight in the past few years, and I like that. From Iron Fist to “Strange” dance moves, some good stuff happened:

  • THE FIRST COMPLETE TRAILER FOR IRON FIST WAS RELEASED AND I AM SO EXCITED!!! First, go and watch it HERE. Okay, now we can talk. Did you see Colleen Wing? She fights martial arts like a champ and totally DGAF what anyone thinks! And The Hand–the evil group of ninja villains, for those who need a refresher–is back! Also, I think Ser Loras Tyrell makes a pretty great Danny Rand. Of course, Claire is a constant gem. Basically, I’m stoked for this show, and I can’t wait to see all the different things that will be punched into explosions, but am waiting to see Finn Jones sport that amazing green spandex body suit of a costume.
Iron Fist Wall Punch
This is actually just how Danny Rand enters every room. Source: Giphy
  • In other exciting trailers” news, the trailer for the new Teen Titans: The Judas Contract flick dropped this week (see it here), and it also looks excellent. Deathstroke is there being a meanie, Raven does some super-powered sorcery (she’s my fav, tbh), Nightwing is there (another fav), and Robin admits to rarely bathing (I relate to that small murderous child more than I should admit). In short, it’s gonna be good.
  • News I did not expect to hear this week: Coolio has confirmed that he would have played Scarecrow in the next Joel Schumacher Batman movie, if only the studio hadn’t scrapped it. I have a soft spot for those 90’s-tacular films, so I would not have minded seeing another one just to get a few scenes of Coolio as a villain based around a farmhouse prop to scare birds away…
Coolio Batman
Source: Twitter
  • Lastly, some of the Doctor Strange gag reel was revealed on, and while Benedict Cumberbatch does bust out some fantastic dance moves, I still have a tough time getting used to hearing him speak in an American accent. That said, this seems like a good time to remind everyone that Harper Voyager author C. Robert Cargill (The Queen of the Dark Things) was one of the script writers of Doctor Strange.
Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy



Henceforth, Netflix shall be known as The Home of the Geeks

Source: Giphy
Source: Giphy


  • Congratulations to Richard Kadrey’s THE EVERYTHING BOX! It was nominated for a 2017 Audie Award, and we are so proud!


  • In case you hadn’t heard, we’ve partnered up with several extremely cool organizations to launch this equally extremely cool sweepstakes, to give one lucky winner a chance to go to a fan convention in Orlando Florida, and have a one-on-one meeting with Becky Chambers. More details here.

Thus concludes the latest This Week in Geek. Not with a bang, but with a bunch of Storm Troopers dancing for some reason.

Source: Giphy
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