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Oh hai! Pull up a chair. Let’s talk about what happened This Week in Geek, because that’s always a fantastic thing to do!

Always Fantastic
Yes, you do, Jason. Source: Giphy


Last week, Emily B. Martin, author of Ashes to Firewrote a vignette in honor of badass National Parks Rangers. Well, this week, Laura Bickle also wrote one called “Haunted”–and here’s the cool thing: it’s set in the world of her Wildlands series. It involves Yellowstone Park, Ranger Mike, an old flame, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, Sig the Coyote making tiny adorable snow angels. If all of that can happen in a National Park, what more do you need to prove that they are amazing, and should be protected? Check it out HERE.



This week, The DC Comics Universe’s first comedy premiered. Powerless is about the scientists working for Wayne Enterprises to create technology meant to protect ordinary people from the destructive fallout that comes from superheroes trying to bust each other up all over the place. I have not yet watched this, but if you did, tweet @HarperVoyagerUS to share your thoughts. I do think that the show features some of my favorite TV geeks, Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk (who also played best droid ever K2SO). So that sounds promising.

Tudyk Dinos
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Abed Cool cool cool
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Also, Nintendo is apparently so jazzed for the Switch that it’s devoting a Super Bowl ad to it, which is an unprecedented move on their part. I don’t know much about sportsball, but I do know that the Superb Owl commercials are my number two reason for watching it (the shiny spandex tackles being number one). Get the deets on the Switch commercial here.


Locus released their Recommended Reading List for 2016, and we’re so happy to say that Richard Kadrey and Beth Cato made the list. Additionally, some great authors from William Morrow also made the list: Tim Powers, Joe Hill, Neil Gaiman, Paul Tremblay, and Stephen Graham Jones.

Congratulatory Sloth


Controversial geek opinion coming right up: the Lord of the Rings trilogy is my favorite movie ever (I count them all as one, deal with it). Moreover, I vastly prefer the movies to the books. Sorry guys. Anyhow, be that as it may–this week, my favorite hobbit/rockstar island castaway, Dominic Monaghan, posted pics of a get together with five of the nine O.G. members of the Fellowship. When I saw these, I had less chill than Gimli does when he thinks about red meat right off the bone.

LOTR Reunion
Look at those cuties! Source: Instagram

Anyhow, you (definitely) want to go to Isenguard–I mean Entertainment Weekly–to check out further images of this great gathering. It is even more spectacular then a ton of Ents going to beat up some wizards, and that’s saying something.


That’s about it, but because I feel this post should be more Jason Momoa-heavy, let me leave you with this great image that’s been making the internet rounds. Yep, that’s right, that’s the man himself, with two adorable little bodyguards. Drogo needs no bodyhuards, and Aquaman protects himself with the majesty of the seven seas!!!

Momoa Bodyguards
Source: Mashable 

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