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Aaaand we’re back for the third This Week in Geek. It is cold, mostly dreary, and I think we can all agree that the post-holiday vacation buzz is beginning to wear off. BUT, having said that, it’s Friday, and some cool geeky things happened, so let’s talk about that instead!

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We’re so loving the activism going on in the scientific community right now, and salute the people behind the rogue government twitter accounts, including the National Parks Service, NASA, and the EPA, to name a few. We found ourselves especially inspired by this tweet from romance author Elizabeth Hoyt:


  • In addition to being a writer, Emily B. Martin, author of Ashes to Fire (1/31), is an interpretive park ranger with the National Park Service – she has the hat and everything! She wrote an amazing vignette that shares her love of America’s national parks, and all of the great outdoors. Read it for the feelz, and also look at the beautiful pictures Emily took while serving as a ranger (and also of one gorgeous watercolor she painted)!
Credit: Emily B. Martin
  • BONUS: Keep your eyes peeled next week for another vignette piece from author and Yellowstone Park enthusiast Laura Bickle!


This week, two significant geeky things happened on our televisions (or laptop screens): Supergirl returned with episode nine of season 2, entitled “Supergirl Lives,” and Riverdale, the show based on the Archie comics, premiered on the CW. Don’t worry, geeks. Harper Voyager has fans of both shows on the case.

  • Angela Craft, our digital marketing expert, is also our in-house super-fan of Supergirl. She did a fantastic live tweet of the episode premier. I confess, I’ve not yet watched any Supergirl, so all I learned from reading this live tweet is that lizard people are real? I am concerned, but definitely intrigued. However, I will say that I love Melissa Benoist with all my heart, because she brought an excellent sign to the Women’s March in DC:
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  • Jessie Edwards, a senior publicist on Team Voyager, also happens to be one of the most dedicated shippers out there, so it should come as no surprise that she’s a longtime fan of Archie, and that she watched the premier of Riverdale with great excitement. Here’s what she had to say: Shipping potential abounded in the Riverdale pilot–Archie/Betty, Archie/Veronica, Betty/Veronica, Moose/Kevin–take your pick! Moody and atmospheric, the tone of the show is a 180 from that of the comics, and like any good CW show, there’s lots of drama. I’m intrigued!


  • The first time I read George Orwell’s dystopic lit classic 1984, it left me shook. It seems like questioning everything and being in a constant state of anxiety is something that many people are relating to these days (can’t imagine why), and as a result, Amazon sold out of the book earlier this week.


  • You may have noticed that it’s award season in the SFF community. In case you were wondering which of our books were eligible for award, we created this handy dandy blog post, for your kind consideration.
  • 10 million billion congratulations to our fantastic author, Becky Chambers, for her RT Readers Choice Award nomination for The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet!


Indiana Jones Hates Nazis

  • I do not agree with Nazis. I do agree with the many great nerd icons who have punched Nazis, like Captain America, Indiana Jones, and my fav Doctor Who companion, Rory Williams, to name just a few. Another thing that I agree with is that video games are awesome. After the epic face-punching of Richard Spencer, the internet had a field day, turning it into pure meme gold. Kotaku has an especially wonderful roundup of video game themed riffs on the punch that was heard round the web.


That’s about it, for now. In what I suspect is going to become my weekly tradition, I leave you with a cute GIF. This one is of multiple baby sloths eating a lot, and it turns my heart into a feather pillow. Stay Nerdy, pals!

Eating Sloths
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