The God Hunter is on sale today!

Looking for a fun and fast paced paranormal thriller?  THE GOD HUNTER by Tim Lees is on sale today!

Tempted?  Read an excerpt here, and then check out the full eBook – available at all retailers!



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Registry field op Chris Copeland arrives in Hungary on a routine mission: find a sacred spot, lay down a wire grid, and capture a full flask of a god’s energy. But when his arrogant new partner, Adam Shailer, sabotages the wires, things go very, very wrong. The god manifests as a mirror image of Chris himself. Chris quickly destroys the god and, for the good of the company and his own career, buries the evidence.

Six years later, Shailer is a rising star among the energy industry’s corporate elite, while Chris has taken a break from operations. But when a mysterious serial killer begins stalking Budapest—a psychopath who bears an eerie resemblance to Chris—the operative is forced back into the field.

With the help of Anna Ganz, a brusque, chain-smoking Hungarian detective, Chris tracks the monster across the globe. Only the real danger isn’t a killer on the outside … it’s Chris’s treacherous colleagues at the Registry, who refuse to acknowledge the terrifying forces they’ve unleashed in the name of profit—forces whose origins lead back to the dawn of man … and beyond.





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