AHHHH! Kickass steampunk fantasy THE DIABOLICAL MISS HYDE by Viola Carr (one of team HarperVoyager’s fan favs, see above) is out today!


n an electrified Victorian London, Dr. Eliza Jekyll is a crime scene investigator, hunting killers with newfangled technological gadgets. She will need every advantage available to catch a terrifying new psychopath splattering London with blood. Hidden in the grimy shadows, the fiendish murderer preys on beautiful women, drugging them before slicing off their limbs. Finding the “Slicer” can make Eliza’s career . . . or unmask her darkest secret. Like her father, she has a hidden second self that emerges when she drinks his forbidden magical elixir. Just a few sips, and a seductive and impulsive Lizzie Hyde is unleashed.

The members of the Royal Society do not trust Eliza, and they send their enforcer, the mercurial Captain Lafayette, to prove she’s a dangerous sorceress. The careful doctor knows that one wrong step can make her prey to the clever Lafayette, a man who harbors an evil curse of his own. No matter how much she craves the elixir, she must resist.

But as the Slicer case draws her into London’s luminous magical underworld, Eliza will need the potion’s power to help her . . . even if it might attract the attentions of Lafayette. .

Even if it means setting the wild Lizzie free. . . .

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And check out some of the awesome reviews of this book that are out there in the geek and romance media world!

A guest post on USA Today’s HEA Blog about how the idea for the book came about:

“I love steampunk, and I’m a geek at heart. What could be cooler than a steampunk detective heroine, haunted by an irrepressible dark side, solving murders with wacky science? Thus was born the Electric Empire series, which begins with The Diabolical Miss Hyde.” 

A fantastic “A” Grade review from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books:

“The Diabolical Miss Hyde is a big, juicy steampunk/fantasy/romance/mystery package of fun, and I highly recommend it.”

The Diabolical Miss Hyde was also listed as a B&N Buyer’s Pick for February on the B&N SFF Blog, and on

“This debut electropunk monster mashup gives you exactly what you never knew you wanted: The classic story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with a genderbent twist.”

A rave review on from fellow Harper Voyager author, Beth Cato:

“Voice is such a nebulous yet vital element in writing. It’s attitude, rhythm, dialogue. It’s what makes a book come alive. Within a matter of sentences, Viola Carr’s novel snared me…”




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