Enter to win THE WASTELAND SAGA omnibus

Happy Friday, everyone! To kick off the weekend, we’re giving away five copies of THE WASTELAND SAGA by Nick Cole. This is a definite must-read for any post-apocalyptic fans! Forty years after a devastating thermonuclear Armageddon, mankind has been reduced to salvaging the ruins of a broken world. In a style that’s part Hemingway and … Read More

We’ve got 6 great ebooks on sale today!

Stock up on some great Harper Voyager e-books before Labor Day weekend! We have several titles on sale for all e-book readers from $0.99-$2.99. But hurry and grab your copy now – most of these sales end TODAY! DREAMS AND SHADOWS by C. Robert Cargill, who takes beloved fantasy tropes, gives them a twist, and turns … Read More

Nick Cole’s SAVAGE BOY ebook on sale now!

Nick Cole’s THE SAVAGE BOY is on sale for $0.99! In this follow-up to THE OLD MAN AND THE WASTELAND, the remains of a world destroyed by a devastating global thermonuclear Armageddon are ruled by barbaric tribes in this New American Dark Age. A boy and his horse must complete the final mission of the last … Read More

How I Destroyed the World, Nick Cole

Out now, our digital updated edition of Nick Cole’s fabulous post-apocalyptic novel THE OLD MAN AND THE WASTELAND. To celebrate, Nick tells the story before the story and how his doomsday unfolded. How I Destroyed the World: Every book has got to begin somewhere.  Often the circumstances, though seemingly fantastic, say as found in a Space … Read More

No Zombies Allowed!, Nick Cole

Out now is our digital edition of Nick Cole’s fabulous post-apocalyptic novel, THE OLD MAN AND THE WASTELAND. To celebrate, here is the second of three blogs from the author about dystopia and post-apocalyptia: No Zombies Allowed! No disrespect intended.  World War Z, fine novel.  Day by Day Armageddon, fun read.  Even original recipe Night of the Living … Read More

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