Praise for Cargill’s upcoming DREAMS AND SHADOWS

We absolutely adore C. Robert Cargill’s incredible debut, DREAMS AND SHADOWS, which we’ll publish in late February.¬† And we’re not the only ones–check out these amazing advance reviews! “A beautifully written debut… Cargill uses an unhurried storyteller style that provides total immersion‚Ķ.Legends and fairy lore are given a dark urban twist with a raw, honest, … Read More

HIDDEN THINGS on sale today! Intro from Author & Excerpt!

Doyce Testerman on HIDDEN THINGS: As with most reckless undertakings in my life, Hidden Things was born out of a dare. My friends and I were sitting around discussing our favorite books, and one of them (De Knippling) commented: “It really sucks that there’s no weird, magical, fantasy stuff set in the Midwest.” I, secure … Read More

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