Follow Richard Kadrey during the Twitter Fiction Fest

Tonight, Richard Kadrey will spend two hours on Twitter feeding you story prompts as part of the Twitter Fiction Fest! You can join in by writing your own Twitter story openings. Or continue the story here or offline. Or end the story. The choice is yours. Richard’s Twitter handle is @Richard_Kadrey and he’ll be tweeting from … Read More

Q&A with Crystal Venom author Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler’s 2nd book in his Fury of Aces series, Crystal Venom, is out now so we sat down with him and asked a few choice questions! What’s the one question you wish people would ask you? (And what would your answer be?) What are your views on how people eat these days? We need to … Read More

Got a question for Richard Kadrey?

Richard Kadrey, author of the SANDMAN SLIM series and the forthcoming DEAD SET, will be the Guest of Honor at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con! Diana Gill, our executive editor here at Voyager US, will be moderating his panel on Saturday, July 20, and we’re giving you a chance to ask Richard anything! Simply submit … Read More

Raymond E. Feist – Author Q&A

To celebrate the release of A Crown Imperilled, Raymond E. Feist talks about his writing experiences and fantasy as a genre. What is it that draws you to the Fantasy genre? It’s as close as I can get to the old “Boys Adventure” genre, or real historical novels, my first two loves as a kid. … Read More

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