Submission Update

As promised, an update on our digital submission status. (Please note, numbers are close but not perfectly exact, between repeated entries, etc. Please don’t freak out or obsess over the arithmetic…)

We received slightly over 4500 entries.

We have now responded to approximately 2220 entries that unfortunately were not for our list.  This leaves us with roughly entries. Of those, about 543 are to be considered further, and just under 1800 still need to be read. So we are almost halfway through.

We will continue to read the remaining 2300+ entries as quickly as we can without sacrificing due consideration, and will update you again in a few weeks. As before, if you have a question as to your status or would like to pull your submission, please email us at voyagersubmissions(at) We will try to update the above numbers every couple of weeks as well, so you have more frequent status updates.

In addition, we are thrilled to announce that Diana Gill has made our first (of hopefully many!) acquisition–a three book deal for world rights to THORN JACK, BRIAR QUEEN and NETTLE KING by Katherine Harbour (via Thao Le at Sandy Dijkstra Agency), which Harper Voyager US will publish in hardcover in May 2014.  We fell absolutely in love with this wonderful story and could not put it down (even when we were supposed to put aside to read later), and are beyond excited about our first acquisition from these digital submissions. We look forward to making more acquisitions for digital originals (and possibly print) as well.

ETA: We have received a number of questions about our recent acquisition of Katherine Harbour’s THORN JACK trilogy. To confirm, Katherine submitted THORN JACK to the Harper Voyager submissions herself. She was unagented during the submission. Thao Le at the Sandy Dijkstra Agency had previously worked with Katherine on revisions and has now negotiated the global Harper Voyager deal. She is representing Katherine for all unsold rights and future projects. The Voyager digital submissions are for unagented submissions (we receive many agented submissions that are handled completely independently from these submissions), but potential authors may certainly seek representation if they are offered publication.




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