Strange Bedfellows: Beverly Jenkins interviews Richard Kadrey

Romance novels and Sandman Slim may not appear to be natural fit, but at Harper Voyager, we know that things are often not what they seem. Turns out Beverly Jenkins, renowned romance author, is a big fan of Sandman Slim and Richard Kadrey. We love this interview she did with Richard for Romantic Times/ Here’s a snippet:

Beverly Jenkins: In looking at your bio, you come off as a twenty-first century renaissance man. You’re an award winning writer, artist, photographer, lecturer, a “degrader of perfection” according to one interview, and you’ve been immortalized as an action figure. You’ve bellied up to enough cultural bars for four or five people. How would you describe yourself?

Richard Kadrey: I’m willing to suck at things. I’m always interested in new ideas and tasks and that means being lousy at them for a while. Some obsessions will stay with me—like photography—and others will some and go—like playing music. Music was easy to give up. I sucked at that non-stop. Still, I like to do sound experiments. Recording ambient sounds and stretching and slowing them. Playing them backwards, etc.

BJ: Is there a common thread in your work?

RK: I’m always interested in people on the outside looking in. Outsiders who don’t have a foot in the door and probably never will. I’ve never been an inside person myself. Life on the inside is too cozy and settled. Things are more interesting at the edges where different worlds collide and spark off each other.

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