Celebrating Science “Faction” with the Harper Voyager Science Fair


In honor of Earth Day, and because we just love science so much, Harper Voyager is launching a virtual science fair (#HVsciencefair) featuring—who else?—our authors, a.k.a. our resident science faction experts.  Voyager authors have a strong background in scientific fields, or a deep personal interest in the sciences, which correlates directly to their books. The #HVsciencefair allows us to shine a spotlight on that, while supporting a smart cause.

Our goal for the next two weeks is to cover the whole galaxy (or at least a portion of the internet) in science. Because without science, you can’t have science fiction, right? We’ll have posts about everything from urban gardening to baking, from neurology, to an interview with an astronaut, and more. Check the full calendar out below:


Monday, 4/10:


Tuesday, 4/11:

  • Superhero Science Day w/ Patrick Hemstreet (THE GOD WAVE) and Lexie Dunne (HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD)


Wednesday, 4/12:

  • Old School Science Day w/ Viola Carr (THE DASTARDLY MISS LIZZIE), Ruth Vincent (ELIXIR), and Brooke Johnson (THE BRASS GIANT)


Thursday, 4/13:

  • Deep Space Discussion w/ Becky Chambers (A CLOSED AND COMMON ORBIT) & NASA Astronaut Don Thomas, live from the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex



Friday, 4/14:

  • Fun Facts about Medical Research twitter chat with Stacey Berg (REGENERATION)
    • Follow along on Twitter from 1-2pm ET (#HVsciencefair // @slbscifi)



Saturday, 4/15:


  • A Visual Celebration of the National Parks with Emily Bee Martin (ASHES TO FIRE)
    • Follow along all day on the HarperVoyagerUS Twitter & Instagram (#HVsciencefair)


Sunday, 4/16:

  • Fun Facts about Genomic Research twitter chat with Dan Koboldt (THE ISLAND DECEPTION)
    • Follow along on Twitter from 7-8pm ET (#HVsciencefair // @DanKoboldt)



Monday, 4/17:

  • Entomology & Bugs in Fiction with Chuck Wendig (INVASIVE) and Clark Thomas Carlton (PROPHETS OF THE GHOST ANTS)



Tuesday, 4/18:

  • Why We Love Geology (and the National Parks) with Emily Bee Martin (ASHES TO FIRE) and Laura Bickle (NINE OF STARS)


Wednesday, 4/19:

  • Artificial Intelligence Day: Marina Lostetter (NOUMENON) & Nicky Drayden (THE PREY OF GODS) interview experts


  • Fun Facts about Neuroscience twitter chat with Patrick Hemstreet (THE GOD WAVE)


Thursday, 4/20:


Friday, 4/21:


  • Real Science in Military Science Fiction with Elizabeth Bonesteel (REMNANTS OF TRUST), Jay Allan (FLAMES OF REBELLION), Ian Douglas (DARK MIND), and Henry V. O’Neil (LIVE ECHOES)


Saturday, 4/22:

  • Live Tweet of the Chicago March for Science with Alex Gordon (JERICHO)


Sunday, 4/23:

  • Urban Gardening with Laura Bickle (NINE OF STARS)
    • Follow along all day on the HarperVoyagerUS Twitter & Instagram (#HVsciencefair)



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