Read the ebooks of all 3 books in Ian Douglas’ Star Carrier series!


New York Times bestselling author Ian Douglas’ latest book, SINGULARITY, is here! SINGULARITY is book three in his sweeping Star Carrier series, which goes five centuries into the future where the US Navy is in a life or death struggle across millions of light years to save humanity from the aggressive militarized alien race known as the Sh’daar. Admiral Koenig and Battlegroup America have repelled the initial attack on the Milky Way and have taken the fight to the enemies’ colonies, but now they must launch a desperate attack deep into enemy territory in an audacious attempt to end the war they seemingly cannot win.

This is a SF series for anyone who wants a sweeping space adventure packed with action and a wonderful cast of characters. You can also take a look at the ebooks of one and two in the series, EARTH STRIKE and CENTER OF GRAVITY.

And of course give the new book a read:

Singularity Prologue and Chapter 1



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