Q&A with Crystal Venom author Steve Wheeler

Steve Wheeler’s 2nd book in his Fury of Aces series, Crystal Venom, is out now so we sat down with him and asked a few choice questions!

What’s the one question you wish people would ask you? (And what would your answer be?)

What are your views on how people eat these days? We need to take back control of what we put in our mouths and guts. Take a step away from industrial food, even if it is convenient. Support your local growers market and go buy a tomato plant (or whatever you wish to grow), tend it, nurture it, then harvest and eat that produce as the experience will change your mindset forever.

Did you read science fiction and fantasy growing up?Caves of Steel

Everything I could lay my hands on in the 60s & 70s. So all the classic SF and fantasy writers. ALL of them.

If you could pick any character from film, TV and literature to make a cameo in the world of your stories, who would you pick?

Jon Luc Picard. He would fit right in perfectly.

What was the last book you read?

‘Lost Voices of the Royal Air Force’ Great historical eyewitness accounts from 1918 up to the present day.

Adding additional characters to the Hobbit movies: for or against?

For, but then again I am ever so slightly biased as I worked as the Weapon Maker on the Hobbit movies for over two years. It is all about balance.

All genre readers are nerds: true or false?

False. Everyone has likes and dislikes. ‘Nerds’ is just another label created by marketeers to divide and conquer us all.

Is there any particular music you listen to when writing?

Depends on what I am writing. Hugely into alternative, trance, rock and the like. Have many hundreds of CDs and music on the PCs so will choose specific albums determined by the stage of the write. Put it this way: the only music I don’t listen to is Rap, Brass Band or Country & Western.

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

Hog Walker scratch model by Steve Wheeler
Hog Walker model

LOL! I am both. I am an engineer and an artist. In real life, making knives and swords, and also in my writing. I know the way points that I want to hit in the novel and the end point. Everything else in between is me flying by the seat of my pants. Its fun.

Favourite form of procrastination?

Opening up the box of a styrene model and trying to decide which parts I will use for the current Fury scratchbuild. The procrastination stems from the little voice which whispers ‘don’t use that, you may want it for another build’……… daft!

What are you working on at the moment?

Just finished the second draft of ‘Obsidian Maul’ the third in the ‘A Fury of Aces’ trilogy. Have already laid out the fourth and am going to carry on straight into that.

Steve has designed, built and created a huge array of vehicles and concepts to populate his Fury of Aces Universe. You can read more and see many of his builds and designs on our mini-Wiki page and on the Fury of Aces Facebook page as well!



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