Magician’s End: It’s HERE!

THE FINAL BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE! The end is, indeed, finally here.

We know you are devouring your ebook, or waiting with bated breath as soon as you get your print copy. In a spare moment, do check out some of the media that Raymond E. Feist has been doing. He spills on what’s next and what the end of the Chaoswar Saga means! Here’s an excerpt from a recent Q&A on

Given the current world climate, how do you feel that fantasy/magic can empower readers? What are some of the lessons that you hope readers may carry from your fiction into their everyday lives?

Any good story call galvanize a person, make him/her thing about things a different way, reassess their own motives and needs, but that’s never my intent. That’s an unintended consequence of me just trying to entertain, to write what we used to call “ripping yarns.” If someone gains a personal insight into something important that’s fine, but that was never my intent.

After endings come new beginnings. So…what can readers expect next?

Next? More fantasy, in a new world with new rules. The series is The War of Five Crowns and the first book is King of Ashes. Then a more contemporary fantasy, here on Earth, called Elder Gods. After that, the possibilities are endless.

The San Diego Union Tribune also did a large feature on Feist and his legacy:

In 1971, at the age of 26, he returned to school. Living in East County with his mother, Barbara Feist, he completed a year at Grossmont College, then transferred to UC San Diego. One day on campus, the communications major saw several students playing a game with polyhedron dice. He stopped, and his destiny was sealed.

Ray joined this group’s regular sessions of “Dungeons & Dragons,” an intricate role-playing game. His new friends had created a planet for their adventures: Midkemia. They also introduced aliens that invaded Midkemia, infiltrating via a tear in the fabric of space and time, the Rift — elements that would become the backdrop to Feist’s 29-book cycle.

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Are you sad the trilogy has ended? Let us know your thoughts! 

In Southern California? Feist’s doing a big blowout event for the end of the series at Mysterious Galaxy  on May 17th and you are invited! Be sure to come in costume!



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