Love & Fantasy: SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs

By Pam J.

We’ve already addressed my epic re-reading fixation. So when I was lucky enough to snag an early copy of SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs from a friend of mine, who’d received it for review, I fell right back into the Mercyverse.

And then felt slightly sheepish.

I’ve re-read each of those books at least two times. So why was I blanking on who the hell Aiden was? And there was definite spottiness on the details of Mercy and Adam’s treaty with the fae (and by extension the vampires)?? So, I admit, I evidently only read FIRE TOUCHED once, and I had to ask myself why???

So I started re-reading. And then I combed back through NIGHT BROKEN, because I remember that I had issues with that one, too (and I have the enviable habit of being able to block out completely WHY I had issues about a specific topic a year later) – I’d basically blocked a chunk of the Mercyverse out of my memory.

The reason I disliked NIGHT BROKEN was easy enough: Adam’s ex-wife is a piece of work. But I’ve still read that book multiple times. So, what about FIRE TOUCHED triggered my post-traumatic book disorder? It was Bran and (spoiler alert!!)…


Picture 001
James McEvoy…the perfect Bran Cornick? Image via


Bran deserting Mercy. Again. Her father figure, who accepted the baby coyote shifter into his arms and stoically handled her hijinks and legendary tricks. But, when a choice was to be made between loyalty to his own son or his coyote ward, blood won out (or so Mercy believed). It took her years, and the love of a VERY good man, to work through those desertion issues. When Bran showed up to walk Mercy down the aisle, in RIVER MARKED, I ugly cried a bit. I’ve read that scene so many times, because I am a ridiculous, hopeless romantic.

So, anyway. Bran. He who is the most alpha of alpha werewolves, looks utterly un-prepossessing, and has a marshmallow spot in his heart for Mercy (a secret currently definitively known by only three other people in the world, with a few others who merely suspect).

Bran broke my heart as much as he broke Mercy’s in FIRE TOUCHED. I have had a hard time forgiving him.

Until SILENCE FALLEN. And, as not to ruin a book that came out just this week for the rest of you, I am literally gagging myself, and really really really want someone to sit down with me, over a cup of cocoa and a cookie or two, and just gush about how Bran turns it all around in SILENCE FALLEN.

Because “Love and Fantasy” doesn’t always need to be about the romance between hero and heroine. Sometimes it can be about the family dynamics behind a book, and the ties that bind it … to the reader.



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