Insider Report: Editing Research

As an editor, it’s my responsibility not just to correct spelling and grammar, but also to make sure an author’s worldbuilding details are accurate. And when these details fall outside of my areas of expertise, Google comes in handy. Sometimes these searches can lead me off on rabbit trails—suffice it to say that I now know far more about how to deal with a runaway camel than any proper New Yorker needs to—but they can also lead to some fun tidbits of information. So, without further ado, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve looked up while editing in the past few months, and where I found my answers.

  1. The internal structure of a beaver lodge

  1. How fast does a dragon fly?

  1. The ingredients in Italian Crème cake

  1. What is the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball made of?

  1. A good synonym for “cronies”

  1. Are the police more likely to tap your phone or search your house? And, how to tell if your phone is tapped.

  1. What a canned ham looks like


I can assure you that the last one was entirely necessary.  And the sixth one was definitely work-related.  I swear.



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