Initiate’s Trial by Janny Wurts: Now Available as a Mass-Market Paperback!

The new novel from Janny WurtsThe latest installment in Janny WurtsWars of Light and Shadow series, Initiate’s Trial, is now available in mass market paperback! The ninth book in this brilliant epic fantasy series, returns us to the half-brothers, Arithon and Lysaer, who were laid under a curse of lifelong enmity when they defeated the Mistwraith and freed the world of Athera. Now Arithon has been magically imprisoned, his memories removed. He must spend 150 years fighting the vicious wraiths that threaten Athera. Meanwhile his daughter is being raised and trained by his enemies, the Koriani enchantresses. When she eventually learns of her father′s existence she chooses her own destruction to secure his freedom. Still ruled by the Mistwraith’s curse, Lysaer will stop at nothing to find and destroy the newly freed Arithon. The race is on for Arithon to recover himself before Lysaer’s minions take him.


Praise for Janny Wurts’ Wars of Light and Shadows series

“Wurts neatly balances both the epic scale of the coming clash and the individual perspective of those swept into it while weaving an impressive tapestry of politics, religion, and magic.Publishers Weekly

“Astonishingly original and compelling. A gifted creator of wonder.”Raymond E. Feist

“Janny Wurts builds beautiful castlesin the air, where every detail is richlyimagined and vividly rendered.”—Diana Gabaldon


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