Excerpt from SINGULARITY by Ian Douglas

SINGULARITY, book three in New York Times Bestseller Ian Douglas‘ STAR CARRIER series is on sale February 28th, but check out a sneak peak.

Five centuries in the future, the U.S. Navy, operating within a loose confederation of other Earth and Solar nations in defense of Earth’s Solar System, are engaged in a life or death struggle against a far-flung galactic empire bent on defeating human competition. Admiral James Alexander takes command of Battlegroup America after the Confederation’s bloody defeat at Arcturus. With the Confederation government in disarray, he seizes the initiative in taking the war deep into enemy territory in order to block the expected invasion of Earth’s solar system with fighter pilots from the fleet carrier Saratoga at his side.

This is a special series that no SF fan should miss. You can also take a look at books one and two in the series, EARTH STRIKE and CENTER OF GRAVITY.

Singularity Prologue and Chapter 1



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