DREAMS AND SHADOWS and NOS4A2 make Library Journal’s summer reading list

Harper Voyager author C. Robert Cargill’s debut novel DREAMS AND SHADOWS made it on the Library Journal’s summer 2013 reading list! The journal just released their top 20 genre fiction picks, and DREAMS AND SHADOWS was selected for best fantasy read. William Morrow author Joe Hill was also on the list, with NOS4A2 ranking as best horror book.

Check out Library Journal’s full list of summertime reads for more great suggestions!

Find out more about the HarperCollins books that made it:

DREAMS AND SHADOWS by C. Robert Cargill

A brilliantly crafted modern tale from acclaimed film critic and screenwriter C. Robert Cargill—part Neil Gaiman, part Guillermo Del Toro, part William S. Burroughs—that charts the lives of two boys from their star-crossed childhood in the realm of magic and mystery to their anguished adulthoods

There is another world than our own—one no closer than a kiss and one no further than our nightmares—where all the stuff of which dreams are made is real and magic is just a step away. But once you see that world, you will never be the same.

Dreams and Shadows takes us beyond this veil. Once bold explorers and youthful denizens of this magical realm, Ewan is now an Austin musician who just met his dream girl, and Colby, meanwhile, cannot escape the consequences of an innocent wish. But while Ewan and Colby left the Limestone Kingdom as children, it has never forgotten them. And in a world where monsters in the shadows feed on fear, you can never outrun your fate.


NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Joe Hill plunges you into the dark side of imagination with a thrilling novel of supernatural suspense that will have you flinching at shadows and checking the rearview mirror again and again.

Victoria McQueen has a secret gift for finding things. On her Raleigh Tuff Burner bike, she makes her way to a rickety covered bridge that, within moments, takes her wherever she needs to go, whether it’s across Massachusetts or across the country.

Charles Talent Manx has a way with children. He likes to take them for rides in his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith with the NOS4A2 vanity plate. With his old car, he can slip right out of the everyday world, and onto the hidden roads that transport them to an astonishing – and terrifying – playground of amusements he calls “Christmasland.”
A liftetime ago, Vic went looking for trouble—and foundManx. Now Vic, the only kid to ever escape Manx’s unmitigated evil, is all grown up and desperate to forget. But Charlie Manx never stopped thinking about her. He’s on the road again and he’s picked up a new passenger: Vic’s own son.



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