Cover Reveal: The Prophet of the Termite God by Clark Thomas Carlton

Greetings, Voyagers! We’re so excited to share the amazing cover for Clark Thomas Carlton’s new book, THE PROPHET OF THE TERMITE GOD, which goes on sale on April 23, 2019.

Tiny insects can still make for giant wars in the follow up to Clark Thomas Carlton’s Prophets of the Ghost Ants. Scroll down to read Clark’s thoughts on this captivating cover and learn more about the book!



As a kid reading Greek myths for the first time, I was fascinated with the strange notion that the ancients looked at the moon and imagined it was the goddess Selene or Cynthia driving a horse drawn chariot that lit up the night. Later I learned the Babylonians imagined the moon as the blue-bearded Sin, the Lord of Creation, in a slow flight on his winged bull. The Egyptians saw the moon as Khonsu, the night traveler, who was sometimes depicted as falcon-headed or with the body of a baboon. 

In the world of the Antasy saga, where humans are smaller than insects, the Hulkrites are a tribe that subsisted on eating the termites of their destroyed forest, a food they saw as the offered offspring of their god, Lord Termite. When the Hulkrites parasitized the nocturnal ghost ants as their war mounts, they became a monotheistic night people. Hulkro, the moon god, merged with Termite, to become a single deity, the winged Termite King who ascended each night to light the sky and empower the ghost ants in their ravenous destruction. Most termites are eyeless, and as Hulkrish conquests absorbed other nations and races, Hulkro was depicted as blindfolded to show his love of all men regardless of skin color.

Guido Caroti, the Senior Designer at HarperCollins, suggested the cover for The Prophet of the Termite God should have a cool color contrast with the orange and yellow of The Prophets of the Ghost Ants. We discussed the idea of Hulkrish warriors assembling to worship the moon before they go into battle and seeing within it their Termite King. Excited to get this cover concept started, Guido linked me to the work of Daniel Liang, a digital painter and an extraordinary talent. Daniel’s meticulous work has a dark reverence within it, a chasm of moodiness and a godly attention to detail. Daniel gave us a spectral, haunting cover that pulls one into its intrigue and hints at a coming catastrophe. 


About The Prophet of the Termite God

The powerful Antasy saga continues with The Prophet of the Termite God!

Once an outcast, Pleckoo has risen to Prophet-Commander of the Hulkrish army.  But a million warriors and their ghost ants were not enough to defeat his cousin, Anand the Roach Boy, the tamer of night wasps and founder of Bee-Jor. Now Pleckoo is hunted by the army that once revered him. Yet in all his despair, Pleckoo receives prophecies from his termite god, assuring him he will kill Anand to rule the Sand, and establish the One True Religion.

And war is not yet over.

Now, Anand and Bee-Jor face an eastern threat from the Mad Emperor of the Barley People, intent on retaking stolen lands from a vulnerable and chaotic nation. And on the southern Weedlands, thousands of refugees clamor for food and safety and their own place in Bee-Jor. But the greatest threats to the new country come from within, where an embittered nobility and a disgraced priesthood plot to destroy Anand … then reunite the Lost Country with the Once Great and Holy Slope.

Can the boy who worked in the dung heap rise above the turmoil, survive his assassins, and prevent the massacre of millions?


THE PROPHET OF THE TERMITE GOD goes on-sale 4/23/2019. You can pre-order and read about the book here. Let us know what you think of the cover in the comments!




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