COVER REVEAL: The Bladebone by Ausma Zehanat Khan

Greetings, Voyagers, We are thrilled to share the magical cover of The Bladebone by Ausma Zehanat Khan, illustrated by Chris Cocozza, which goes on sale October 6th, 2020. This is the last installment in her The Khorasan Archives, a series that lies “somewhere between N. K. Jemisin and George R. R. Martin” (Saladin Ahmed), in which a powerful band of women must use their magic to defeat an oppressive dark regime.

Scroll down to read Ausma’s thoughts on this awe-inspiring cover and learn more about the book!


When I first conceived of the heroine of my Khorasan Archives series, I had an image in mind: one woman against the apocalypse. I pictured her standing alone against a devastated landscape that was rich in the symbolism of her redoubtable quest. I imagined her as a woman who wasn’t entirely fearless, but who refused to give up against the threat of annihilation, facing the end of her world with resolution in her eyes. She believes in herself. She wants you to believe too.

My heroine Arian, is daring, indomitable, and utterly committed to the cause of ousting the Talisman patriarchy that has enslaved the women of her lands. But as with all political tyrannies, women aren’t the only enemy. Led by the sinister and ruthless One-Eyed Preacher, the Talisman have also targeted outsiders, minority groups, scribes, calligraphers, poets, historians, teachers, political dissidents, and free thinkers. With their book-burning purges, and murderous campaigns, they’ve covered the world in grief.

Cue the resistance of the Companions of Hira—the group of women mystics that Arian belongs to. Gifted with the powerful magic of the Claim, Arian has been working in the shadows for a decade, disrupting Talisman slave chains. Now she’s out in the open, taking on the Preacher himself. Aided by the Basmachi resistance in the north, and the Black Khan to the west, Arian and the Companions are headed to a cataclysmic showdown with the Preacher. And though friends and allies abound, the enemy is even stronger—for the Preacher is a sorcerer who has the power to bring the world to its knees.

As the final battle comes, it’s my thrill to present the conclusion of my epic fantasy series. Here on the cover of The Bladebone, the amazing artist Chris Cocozza, has captured the moment where it started, and the moment when it ends: one woman against the apocalypse who will never give up hope.

About The Bladebone
A powerful band of women warriors must face off against an oppressive enemy in one final showdown that will determine their survival and the fate of their world in this concluding volume in Ausma Zehanat Khan’s powerful fantasy series—an epic of magic, bravery, adventure, and the fight for freedom that lies “somewhere between N. K. Jemisin and George R. R. Martin” (Saladin Ahmed).

Armed with the powerful sorcery of the Bloodprint and supported by the Talisman, the oppressive One-Eyed Preacher is on the verge of conquering Ashfall, the Black Khan’s capital in the west. Yet not all is lost for Sinnia, Arian, and the Citadel of Companions. If these brave female warriors can find an ancient magic weapon known as the Bladebone, they can defeat the Preacher and crush his cruel regime.

Neither Sinnia and Arian, nor their allies, the Mages of Khorasan, know the Bladebone’s whereabouts, and not all may survive the search to uncover it. Pursued by a nefarious enemy aligned with the Preacher, they become separated, each following a different path. Then, in their darkest hour, unexpected help appears. But is the Khanum of Black Aura a friend or foe? Arian may discover the answer too late.

When the secret of the Bladebone is finally revealed, the knowledge comes at a devastating price for Arian. As the capital falls, only Hira, home of the Citadel of Companions, stands in the way of the Preacher’s victory. While the Companions rise to defend their home from enemies outside and within, Arian must face off in a cataclysmic battle with the Preacher that pits the powers of the Bloodprint against the Sana Codex. 

For those who survive, Khorasan will never be the same.


About the Author
Ausma Zehanat Khan holds a Ph.D. in international human rights law with a specialization in military intervention and war crimes in the Balkans. She is the award-winning author of The Unquiet Dead, in the Khattak/Getty mystery series. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Colorado with her husband.


Twitter: @ausmazehanat

Instagram: @azkhanbooks



THE BLADEBONE goes on sale 10/6/2020. You can pre-order the book here. New to the series? Click here to check out all four books.

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