Cover Reveal: Activation Degradation

Greetings, Voyagers! The HV team is incredibly proud to present the cover for ACTIVATION DEGRADATION, a new futuristic standalone novel by Marina J. Lostetter, which releases in September 2021! Lostetter is the critically acclaimed author of Noumenon, Noumenon Infinity, and Noumenon Ultra. Scroll down to read more about the exciting cover for this brilliant new tale!!

Robots? Check. Aliens? Check.

The Murderbot Diaries makes first contact in this new space opera exploring sentience and artificial intelligence through the lenses of conflicted robot hero Unit Four– a biological soft robot built and stored high above the Jovian atmosphere!

But we’ll let Marina talk more about it… 😉

I love the energy in ACTIVATION DEGRADATION’s cover. My main character, Unit Four–a robot tasked with protecting a Jovian Helium-3 mine–has such a strong presence. The figure is slightly menacing, clearly badass, and yet has a vibrancy that we don’t usually associate with robots. The backdrop depicts Io and Jupiter, both integral parts of the novel’s setting, and their dual beauty and danger really shines through.

ACTIVATION DEGRADATION is a story told in five parts, as seen through the cameras of Unit Four. Each consecutive section offers new information that changes both the robot and the reader’s perception of the action. I structured it this way because I wanted to play with thriller pacing and unreliable narration, in order to explore how integrating or rejecting new data can change our perspectives and where our sympathies lie.

Throughout the novel, Unit Four is never on firm ground–both literally and metaphorically speaking. It is constantly struggling with a barrage of newness, while trying to maintain its loyalties and simply survive. It often can’t tell who’s friend and who’s foe, though it meets one person in particular–Maya–who it desperately wants to trust.

While this novel is fast passed, there are also moments of softness, moments to reflect. Chances to take a deep breath before diving in again. I hope sci-fi lovers find it a dynamic, heartfelt, and thrilling read.

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