BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES galley giveaway!

Joseph Nassise’s BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES, Book One in his zombie steampunk alternate history series THE GREAT UNDEAD WAR, is out on May 1st, but email us for a chance to win an early galley edition and send us a review!

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Here’s just some of the loving praise the book has received so far:

“Nassise (the Jeremiah Hunt Chronicles) fills the adrenaline-fueled first installment of the Great Undead War saga with an audacious mix of military fiction, steampunk, and zombies. In an alternate WWI, Michael “Madman” Burke, a veteran American soldier with an artificial “clockwork” arm, is assigned to go deep behind enemy lines and rescue a famous Allied pilot who has been shot down by the Germans. Burke and his team must maneuver through territory inhabited by shamblers—Kaiser Wilhelm’s undead troops—and more than a few walking dead monstrosities recently developed by Germany’s scientific brain trust. Relentless pacing, nonstop action, and improbable but nifty-sounding military gadgetry (portable personal gliding devices, magnetism grenades) power an unremittingly entertaining story line that with broad appeal for history buffs, horror aficionados, and fans of steampunk.

Publishers Weekly


“Joseph Nassise’s By the Blood of Heroes is that rarest of books, a genuine game-changer.  This book, this whole series, in fact, is a vital leap forward for the zombie genre.  Nassise has not only proven his mastery of the zombie essentials, the sense of adventure and the horror of a world gone mad that form the core of the best zombie fiction, but he has done it with such jaw-dropping inventiveness that he’s given the whole genre a new starting point.  I would argue Joseph Nassise the most important thing to happen to zombies since Max Brooks, and that’s no hyperbole.  He’s really that good.  Do yourself a favor and get in on the ground floor with this series, because Madman Burke and his crew are about to take you to hell and back.”

– Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Flesh Eaters


“BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES is a genre-twisting madhouse of horror, Steampunk SF and zombie madness that is too damn much fun to miss! Buckle up…this is a wild ride!”

– Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and Flesh & Bone


“Joe Nassise delivers one amazing alternative history adventure in By the Blood of Heroes.  Set amid the Great Undead War, the action creeps through the dank and sinister trenches where shambling terrors await.  The pacing is fierce and as unrelenting as the undead themselves and Nassise is firing on full-auto – a tour-de-force of adrenaline-drenched mayhem.  Cool steampunk gadgetry adds another exciting facet to this new series of thrillers.  Don’t miss it!”
                                                                                                                         – Jon F. Merz, author of the Shadow Warrior and Lawson Vampire series



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