Brand new series from Robin Hobb!

HarperVoyager is thrilled to announce that the new trilogy of epic fantasy novels we have acquired from international bestseller Robin Hobb (‘a remarkable storyteller: a diamond in a field of zircons’ — George RR Martin) via agent Chris Lotts in a major 7-figure deal, will mark a return to her most beloved characters, Fitz and the Fool.

UK Publishing Director Jane Johnson, who made the acquisition and has been publishing the author since 1987, says: “Fitz (FitzChivalry Farseer) and the Fool are my two all-time favourite characters in fantasy literature. The friendship between them is the most passionate, poignant and elusive relationship I can think of in the field. There are 9 bestselling novels in which the pair feature, starting with ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE and ending with FOOL’S FATE, and it’s been over a decade since Robin Hobb revisited them. I was so excited when Chris submitted the mystery novel and by the end of reading the first volume was in floods of tears, to such an extent that a woman travelling opposite me offered me a hankie and asked if I was OK. Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s a rare occurrence, but that demonstrates the emotional power Robin Hobb wields over her readers. Her fans, who learned of the long-awaited return by a pair of humorously oblique videos posted on YouTube and on social media, are ecstatic at the prospect.”

Video one: Waking up to text messages
Video two: Fitz and Fool

HarperFiction Publisher Kate Elton says: “A new Robin Hobb hardback is always a highly anticipated event, but a new episode in Fitz and the Fool’s story is particularly momentous. Hobb’s powerful storytelling and effortless world building have won her a worldwide following, who will no doubt be as excited as we are about the publication of Fool’s Assassin next year.”

Agent Chris Lotts says “It has been nearly eighteen years since ASSASSIN’S APPRENTICE first turned up in book shops and achieved the status of a modern fantasy classic, launching a trilogy that went on to sell over a million copies in the UK and US. The first instalment of Hobb’s new trilogy brings Fitz gloriously back to life, in a novel full of dazzling twists and turns. It will be happily embraced by her long-time, dedicated fans. I am also really gratified to see Hobb’s audience grow and grow, not just in the UK but throughout the world. She is that rare fantasy writer whose works are now eagerly read by people who do not normally read fantasy, and HarperVoyager and I feel there is super potential going forward.”

Voyager UK will publish the first volume in the series, FOOL’S ASSASSIN when Robin Hobb will be Guest of Honour for the London WorldCon. It will be simultaneously published by HarperVoyager Australia.



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