The Lost Puzzler

The Lost Puzzler

The Tarakan Chronicles
Price: $16.99
Release date: Jan 08, 2019
ISBN: 9780062792433

There’s a world full of puzzles. Some will simply challenge the mind. Others will unlock riches. And some . . .


More than a hundred years have passed since the Catastrophe brought humanity to the brink of extinction. Those who survived are changed. The Wildeners have reverted to the old beliefs—but with new Gods—while others place their faith in the technology that once powered their lost civilization.

In the mysterious City of Towers, the center of the destroyed Tarakan empire, a lowly scribe of the Guild of Historians is charged with a dangerous assignment. He must venture into the wilds beyond the glass and steel towers to discover the fate of a child who mysteriously disappeared more than a decade before. Born of a rare breed of marked people, this child, Rafik—known as “the Key”—was one of a special few with the power to restore this lost civilization to glory once again.

In a world riven by fear and violence, where tattooed mutants, manic truckers, warring guilds, and greedy mercenaries battle for survival, Rafik may have single-handedly destroyed humanity’s only chance for salvation—unless the scribe can figure out what happened to him.

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