Rebellion’s Fury

Rebellion’s Fury

Price: $15.99
Release date: Apr 10, 2018
ISBN: 9780062566843

Damian Ward thought he was done fighting. But the retired veteran and war hero is now leading the revolution against the oppressive Federal America—a bloody battle for the future of his adopted planet that will cost brave rebel lives. But failure means living under the yoke of tyranny—a price Ward and the people of Haven refuse to pay.

Federal America cannot allow Haven to break away. If rebellion is successful on one colony, it will spread and threaten the flow of wealth and raw materials the government needs. With its superior troops and weaponry, the federals will crush the traitorous rebellion, and retain the empire’s standing and power.

The colonists have won the first battle and driven the government forces from Haven. But the federals are by no means defeated. For just months after the brutal Colonel Semmes and his defeated troops return to Earth, a new force is gathering: larger, better equipped, and augmented with front line units—veterans of the last war, ready to take back the planet and end the threat of rebellion once and for all.

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