Hollywood Dead

Hollywood Dead

A Sandman Slim Novel
Price: $16.99
Release date: Aug 27, 2019
ISBN: 9780062474193

Life and death take on a new meaning for Sandman Slim in this insanely inventive, high-intensity supernatural noir thriller, the tenth in the New York Times bestselling series James Stark is back from Hell, trailing more trouble in his wake. To return to Los Angeles, he had to make a deal with the evil power brokers, Wormwood—an arrangement that came with a catch. While he may be home, Stark isn’t quite himself . . . because he’s only partially alive.

There’s a time limit on his reanimated body, and unless Stark can find the people targeting Wormwood, he will die again—and this time there will be no coming back. Even though he’s armed with the Room of Thirteen Doors, Stark knows he can’t find Wormwood’s enemies alone. To succeed he’s got to enlist the help of new friends—plus a few unexpected old faces.

Stark has been in dangerous situations before—but with a mysterious enemy on the loose, a debt to pay, and a clock ticking down, this may truly be the beginning of his end . . .

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