The Bones of the Earth

The Bones of the Earth

Price: $15.99
Release date: Jun 27, 2017
ISBN: 9780062428165

The bound Twins are growing stronger, and soon they will once again be able to challenge their parents—the Divine Mother and the Almighty Father. Their pursuit of power, though, casts a shadow across the land, creating sharp divisions as an ancient war rises reborn. For most, survival is paramount, but a sly priest named Joros has secretly assembled a disparate group of exceptional people to turn the tide in his favor . . . whichever way that might be. 

But they are all still just mortals, and this is a war among gods. Victory—and what that means to the people of this world—is far from certain.

As deadly magic takes hold, the tenuous bonds tying these uneasy allies begin to unravel. If they cannot find a way to keep their band together, each of their lives—and the entire world—will be lost to the darkness, leaving nothing but the bones of the earth. . . . 

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