A Novel
Price: $14.99
Release date: Apr 05, 2016
ISBN: 9780061687389

“A deliciously creepy paranormal thriller. . . . Highly recommended.”—New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop on Gideon

In the masterful debut Gideon, Lauren Reardon was sent back from the realm of the dead with a warning that other dangers existed, and that she would need to face them. Now THAT time has come. 

After unearthing her father’s secret past, Lauren discovered a shocking truth about herself. She is a Child of Endor, a member of a sect of witches who believe they are the guardians of the “thin places”—areas where evil can seep through the divide between the worlds separating the living and the restless dead. When Lauren has a disturbing vision of an Oregon forest, she is drawn back to the familiar woods of the misty Pacific Northwest to investigate.

Locals and tabloids had long whispered about an abandoned private logging camp known as Jericho—of the strange disappearances and eerie sounds heard in the woods deep in the night. But these ghost stories only hint at the true evil lurking within the camp’s dilapidated buildings, a primeval malevolence far more terrifying than Lauren’s darkest imaginings. And now, along with powerful followers of the Lady of Endor, Lauren must face this evil, even if it takes her life . . . even if it costs her soul.

“Crisp and shiveringly disturbing prose, a solid plot, and well-developed characters all make for a deeply satisfying read.”—Publishers Weekly on Gideon

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