King of Ashes

King of Ashes

Book One of The Firemane Saga
Price: $8.99
Release date: Jan 29, 2019
ISBN: 9780061468469

Legendary New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist makes his long-awaited return with this first volume in his new heroic fantasy series, the Firemane Saga—an electrifying tale of two young men whose choices will determine a world’s destiny

For centuries, the five greatest kingdoms of North and South Tembria, twin continents on the world of Garn, have coexisted in peace. But the balance of power is destroyed when four of the kingdoms violate an ancient covenant and betray the fifth. The beautiful, flourishing Ithrace, Kingdom of Flames—ruled by the virtuous King Steveren Langene, known as “the Firemane” for his brilliant red hair—has been destroyed. Murdering the Firemane, his treacherous brother kings have also brought death to every member of the Langene family, including the women and children. But the Firemane’s legacy will not be extinguished. . . .

As a Free Lord, Baron Daylon Dumarch owes allegiance to no king. When an abandoned infant is found hidden in Daylon’s pavilion, he realizes that the child is the missing heir of the slain Steveren Langene. Around the child’s neck is a woven copper wire adorned with a gold-and-ruby ring—the signet ring of Ithrace. With the Greater Realms of Tembria thrust into a dangerous struggle for supremacy, the boy is valuable—and vulnerable. A cunning and patient man scarred by battle and death, Daylon decides to keep the baby’s existence secret, and sends him to be raised on the Island of Coaltachin, home of the so-called Kingdom of Night, where the powerful and lethal Nocusara, the “Hidden Warriors,” a legion of legendary assassins and spies, are trained.

Years later, another orphan of mysterious provenance, a young man named Declan, earns his Masters rank as a weapons smith. Blessed with intelligence and skill, he unlocks the secret to forging King’s Steel, the apex of a weapon maker’s abilities known by very few. Yet this precious knowledge is also deadly, and Declan is forced to leave his home to safeguard his life. Landing in Lord Daylon’s provinces, he hopes to start anew.

Soon, the two young men—an unknowing rightful heir to a throne and a brilliantly talented young craftsman—will discover that their fates, and that of Garn, are entwined. Though the remains of a once-great kingdom lie buried in ash, the legendary, long-ago War of Betrayal that razed it has never truly ended. To protect their future, swordsman and swordsmith together must discover the secret of who truly threatens their world.

Beloved master Raymond E. Feist has enchanted fans around the globe with his epic tales of worlds lost and reborn. King of Ashes is a rousing saga from a writer at the peak of his artistry and power—a heroic epic of intrigue, blood, sacrifice, adventure, and battle set in a captivating universe that brilliantly mirrors our own.

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