Tumbling After

Tumbling After

A Novel
Price: $14.99
Release date: Aug 08, 2006
ISBN: 9780061053641
Format: Trade PB

Jack and Jilly Doone are twelve-year-old twins bound by blood and forbidden secrets. Running wild through endless August afternoons, they explore the tributaries of Chesapeake Bay, spinning fantasies and sneaking cigarettes. But when a near-drowning awakens a strange power in Jack, the line between fantasy and reality blurs. . . .

Kestrel is an airie, one of five mutant races born in the conflict known as the Viral Wars. With one companion from each of the other races&#8212a delph, a merm, a mander, and a boggle&#8212he sets out to battle human enemies sworn to exterminate mutantkind.

Now the destinies of two worlds move toward a shocking convergence . . . and a climax of violent transfiguration.

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