Carved From Stone and Dream Out Now!!

Greetings, Voyagers! Carved from Stone and Dream by T. Frohock is out now! Scroll down to read more about the second book in the Los Nefilim series where Angels and demons battle to stave off World War II. “Frohock has intricately woven a unique reinterpretation of history. Eloquent prose accompanies a lyrical theme amid prewar tensions, enriching … Read More

Westside in Trade Paperback Out Now!

Greetings, Voyagers 🙂 Westside in trade paperback is on sale today. A New York Times Notable Book of the Year, scroll down to read more about this historical fantasy, set in 1921’s Manhattan, following a young detective who only works on tiny mysteries…until she can’t ignore the giant conspiracy unraveling around her.   A New York … Read More

Daughter from the Dark Out Now!

Greetings, Voyagers! Happy February, I have exciting news… Marina and Sergey Dyachenko’s Daughter from the Dark is out today! Scroll down to read more about this fantastic stand-alone novel about creation, music, and, companionship filled with the elements of subtle magic and fantasy that made readers want to devour Marina and Sergey Dyachenko’s first book, Vita … Read More

Harper Voyager’s 2020 Releases

Greetings, Voyagers! As the first month of 2020 wraps up, I thought it would be the perfect time to share our upcoming releases. This year, we got magical creatures, dragons, and plenty more in stored for you guys! In addition, we have many series finales coming up 🙁 . However, not to worry cause we … Read More

Harper Voyager’s 2019 Titles

Greetings Voyagers, welcome to the new decade! As we start the new year, I thought it would a great time to look back at the books Harper Voyager has published in 2019. From a novella set in outer space written by Hugo Award-winning author, Becky Chambers to a novel set in New York City where … Read More

Rift Coda in trade paperback on sale today!

Greetings, Voyagers–Rift Coda in trade paperback is on sale now! Scroll down to read more about the final installment in the action-packed thrilling trilogy, The Rift Uprising 🙂 The exciting finale to the acclaimed Rift Uprising trilogy.   Ryn Whittaker started an uprising. Now she has to end it. Not long ago, Ryn knew who she … Read More

Flamebringer by Elle Katharine White is on sale

Greetings, Voyagers—Flamebringer by Elle Katharine White is on sale now! Scroll down to read more about the final installment in the Heartstone trilogy, filled with dragons and magic 🙂 Monsters, manners, and magic combine in this exciting final volume in the Heartstone Trilogy—an exhilarating blend of epic fantasy and Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice—in which … Read More

HUGE Congrats to R. A. Salvatore!

Greetings Voyagers, I have very exciting news for you… and no, it’s not a new release (though, don’t we wish!). So without further ado. Drum roll, pleaseee… BOUNDLESS by R. A. Salvatore was the best-selling fantasy novel of September! How amazing is that?! Huge congratulations to R. A. Salvatore. Harper Voyager is lucky to have … Read More

The Blue Eye on sale today!

Greetings, Voyagers! It’s Pub-Day Tuesday, and that means we have a new book out! THE BLUE EYE by Ausma Zehanat Khan hits shelves today. Scroll down to read more about this fascinating novel filled with magic, powerful women, and more! “Ultimately, it is the feminist themes that shine throughout that make this not only a … Read More

Nicky Drayden’s Escaping Exodus out today!

Greetings, Voyagers! I’m excited to announce Escaping Exodus by Nicky Drayden hits the shelves today! Please scroll down to read more about this dazzling story where society lives in the belly of the beast—quite literally—and one idealistic young woman will assume a yoke of power she’s unprepared for and ultimately determine the fate of humanity. … Read More

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