Congrats to Our Nominees!

Greeting Voyagers! We have a very special announcement that we are just TOO excited to share with y’all. This past Tuesday, April 2nd, The Hugo Awards—THE award in Science Fiction and Fantasy—have announced their finalists and we are so proud to say we have a few nominees from the Voyager family!   Best Novel: Becky … Read More

Cover Reveal: RULE OF CAPTURE by Christopher Brown

Greetings, Voyagers! We’re so excited to share the captivating cover of Christopher Brown’s second novel, RULE OF CAPTURE, which goes on sale on August 13, 2019. Better Call Saul meets Nineteen Eighty-Four in this first volume in an explosive legal thriller series set in the world of Tropic of Kansas—a finalist for the 2018 Campbell Award for … Read More

NEO-G Series Launches in Spring 2020

HARPER VOYAGER U.S. and AUTHOR K.B. WAGERS JOIN FORCES TO LAUNCH NEO-G, AN ORIGINAL “SOLAR GUARD” MILITARY SFF SERIES   New York, NY– Harper Voyager is proud to announce a unique science fiction publication featuring a military force that patrols and protects space, that is inspired by the real-life terrestrial ideas and missions of the … Read More

An Honest Conversation with Resistance – by Elle Katherine White

An Honest Conversation with Resistance – by Elle Katherine White

The Muse never accepts an invitation, but Resistance doesn’t need one. She plops down on the sofa with all the perfect self-assurance of a spoiled six-year-old breaking in a new babysitter. Her hair is wet and plastered to her forehead and she smells like my borrowed shampoo. I don’t ask how long she’s been here. … Read More

The Voyager New York Comic Con Schedule!

Hello fellow Voyagers! The time has come. The time for New York Comic Con! First order of business: our booth. You can find Voyager at the HarperCollins booth, #2118-2119. Second order of business: scheduling. Below you’ll find a wonderful rundown of all of the panels and signings and wonderfully lovely things happening throughout the weekend. … Read More

The Cover of The Luminous Dead by Caitlin Starling

NOTE: This is a guest post from debut author Caitlin Starling. The Luminous Dead goes on-sale 4/2/2019 and is currently available for pre-order. Enjoy! How do you turn something as intangible as the perilous love-hate relationship between two women into a cover? You don’t; instead, you focus on the hundreds of feet of rock that separate … Read More

Sarah Beth Durst on the cover for The Deepest Blue

Sarah Beth Durst on the cover for The Deepest Blue

I am so excited to share with you the cover for my upcoming novel, THE DEEPEST BLUE!!! I love the moment a book gets its cover.  Suddenly it feels so much more real — like the story is walking out of my imagination and into the world.  And I am so extremely excited for THE … Read More

Amy S. Foster’s Rift Trilogy and the Radish Reading App

Amy S. Foster’s Rift Uprising trilogy is coming to its thrilling conclusion this Fall, but it’s also getting exciting new life through the app Radish! Radish is a serialized reading experience (available on either an Apple or Android device) that focuses on the episodic nature of storytelling and encourages engagement from fans and creators on … Read More

The Cover of Planetside by Michael Mammay

NOTE: This is a guest post from debut author Michael Mammay. Planetside goes on-sale 7/31 and is currently available for pre-order. Enjoy! As a debut writer, I never thought about what goes into making a cover. When David Pomerico, my editor, contacted me and said it was time, he pitched it as a lot of fun. … Read More

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