The Top Five Wild Things in the Weird West – by Laura Bickle

The Top Five Wild Things in the Weird West – by Laura Bickle

The west is weird in DARK ALCHEMY. Long-buried alchemical experiments surface to meet the local undead, warring with drug lords and cattle barons in the tiny town of Temperance, Wyoming. It’s an odd place…as the new stranger in town, geologist Petra Dee, is discovering. These are the top five things this scientist can’t rationally explain away:

Regeneration in its Time – Stacey Berg

Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the most satisfying tales, we feel that we have witnessed the most important events in the character’s life so far. Depending on the genre, the external action might be as small as buying the flowers for a party, as great as destroying the ring that … Read More

Love & Fantasy: SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs

By Pam J. We’ve already addressed my epic re-reading fixation. So when I was lucky enough to snag an early copy of SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs from a friend of mine, who’d received it for review, I fell right back into the Mercyverse. And then felt slightly sheepish. I’ve re-read each of those books … Read More

Q&A with Peter Newman, author of The Malice

The Malice by Peter Newman is available today! The author answered a few burning questions about the second installment in the Vagrant trilogy Q. The Malice follows the story of Vesper, now a young woman. What was it like transitioning to such a different voice and character from The Vagrant? Did it affect your overall writing … Read More

Love & Fantasy: A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

by Pam J. Every now and then, we get to take a mini-vacay from Nova’s incessant fiction addiction, and read outside the Voyager pantheon. (gasp!)  So this starts one of a few new readings series on the blog, with bookish musings, pulled from our own personal bookshelves. Because reading = escapism = important! Long before binge … Read More

Manuscript Wish List

. . . Ever wonder what editors are looking for?   David Pomerico First and foremost, I’m looking for a variety of voices, with authenticity being the key. Whether it’s gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or a combination of those, we’re looking for more authors and characters that show the rich, diverse nature of the … Read More

A Park Ranger Vignette – by Emily B. Martin

In addition to being a writer, Ashes to Fire (1/31) author Emily B. Martin is an interpretive park ranger with the National Park Service – she has the hat and everything. In this vignette, she shares her love of America’s national parks, and all of the great outdoors. Margie Feng stormed up the visitor center … Read More


2016 has been a stellar year for Harper Voyager, and we’re incredibly proud of the many exceptionally talented authors we’ve published—writers of urban fantasy, space opera, epic fantasy, military science fiction, steampunk, and many, many more genres. We’re also very proud of our many great covers, and some of our authors even illustrated their own … Read More

The history of Kylie Chan’s Xuan Wu/Dark Heavens series

It was during a question and answer session at Australian Comic-Con that I had something of an epiphany when a young man put his hand up and asked me: ‘Can we have more turtle sex, please?’ My reply was: ‘No. But there’ll be snake on snake, is that okay?’ He was delighted. From that moment … Read More

#AskNova Twitter Chat!

In case you missed it, the Voyager editorial team ran a Twitter chat on 5/4 in which we talked about the editorial process (and types of editing we do) over here.  Check it out at:, and hope to see you at the next chat!

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