Amy S. Foster’s Rift Trilogy and the Radish Reading App

Amy S. Foster’s Rift Uprising trilogy is coming to its thrilling conclusion this Fall, but it’s also getting exciting new life through the app Radish!

Radish is a serialized reading experience (available on either an Apple or Android device) that focuses on the episodic nature of storytelling and encourages engagement from fans and creators on a weekly basis. With each new episode, readers are able to discuss the action and relationships and get feedback from the author directly, thus creating a truly immersive way to interact with the material.

With Amy and her trilogy, we knew we had a perfect fit.

Because the Rift Trilogy (starting with THE RIFT UPRISING) is all about the adventures, trials, and growth of a young super-soldier, Ryn Whitaker. With enhanced speed and strength, and training beyond that of even the most bad-ass Navy SEAL, Ryn is the perfect weapon to protect the Earth from whatever comes out of mysterious portals to other dimensions that have popped up around the globe. She is smart and powerful and a natural leader…mostly because she was made that way. But as she learns more and more about why she was made that way, Ryn realizes that not everything is what it seems. That maybe the Rifts aren’t the threat to her Earth she’s led to believe.

Maybe, in fact, her Earth is a threat to the rest of the Multiverse.

With twists and turns, tons of battles, and powerful emotional connections, each episode establishes a new sense of urgency and drama—making it a perfect addition to the Radish catalog.

You can start with the first season HERE.

Happy Reading!



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