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ThisWeekInGeek2Hey guys, publicist Caro back again for another “This Week in Geek” (and check out the nifty banner! LOOK MOM, I GOT A BANNER!). Honestly, this week I think we all just need some things to feel hopeful about, and something to help us find a momentary escape. As luck would have it, nerddom can provide, so lets get to it.

Lets Get Weird Sloth
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  • I’m a huge fan of the X-Men (in college, I even had a radio show called “Mutant Radio,” and my DJ name was Rogue, in case you were wondering just how serious I am about being ridiculous). Anyhow, the final trailer for Logan, the new Wolverine movie, dropped. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this movie since our digital marketer Angela commanded me to watch the first trailer many moons ago, but we get to see even more action and humor in this one. If you, for whatever reason, need a laugh, or to watch a young girl beat up a bunch of dudes, I highly recommend checking this out. Yet another reason I can’t wait for March 3rd.
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  • Another trailer dropped, this one for the new Power Rangers flick. Right now, throwbacks to my childhood are very much appreciated, and this movie does look pretty awesome. I will say, though (as many other wonderful people have pointed out), much as I love Elizabeth Banks, I do wish Rita Repulsa were being played by a non-white actor, as she has been in the past. But, on the plus side, this GIF exists, and that’s real nice.
Meower Ranger
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  • A few of us proud geeks from Harper Voyager participated in a Facebook Live chat with Bookstr, all about SFF, books, and ramen (among other things). Also, we brought a lot of sloths (she said, surprising no one). Feel free to watch it and comment by the end of today–you could win a stack of signed books!
  • Our buddy–and an excellent SFF author to boot!– Myke Cole will be primetime TV this Sunday, on CBS’ new show, Hunted. Get the skinny here.
  • The 2017 Phillip K. Dick Award nominees have been announced. Congrats to all of them!


  • If you’re feeling down and out, I want to remind you that it’s okay to care for yourself. Read a book, play a videogame, cook a fancy meal–do something that makes you happy. And if you feel up to it, connect with others. Whether you attend any marches this weekend, or just choose to call a friend and tell them you love them, or hold a door open for a stranger, little kindnesses are what get us through each day, right?
  • Lastly, I think we can all agree that everyone always needs a dose of cute ridiculousness, so here you go. Share your favorite ridiculous GIFs with us on twitter, or tweet your favorite books about rebellion and hope in the face of adversity. We’re @HarperVoyagerUS.
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Banjo Sloth
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Cat Bee Cannot
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No Tears
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