The Daylight War Cover Shoot with Larry Rostant

You’ve probably seen his work even if you don’t recognise his name.

His work has graced the covers of many Science Fiction and Fantasy books over his career (not to mention film, TV and other media). His combined use of photography and illustration give his work a uniquely illustrative aesthetic (I may have pulled that from his Facebook bio but it doesn’t make it any less true). Plus, when I met him yesterday on the cover shoot for The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett, it turns out he is also a lovely man.

So lovely in fact that he let me take a few pictures of the shoot to share with you!

Ten points to anyone who can guess the character!

The shoot started at twelve and finished after four. The lovely model tried several different poses and costumes. This however, is just the start of the work that will go into producing the finished book cover.

The Daylight War (11/02/2013) by Peter V. Brett is the third book in The Demon Cycle. The first two books – The Painted Man and The Desert Spear – are available now from all good bookshops. You can see more pictures on the Voyager Facebook page

You can check out Larry’s other work on his website:




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