This Week in Geek

Hello, fellow geeks! This week has brought us geeking of the cinematic variety! Lots of exciting stuff happening in the world of nerd-films geek TV, so let’s get to it!   Craft Geeking: Do you love making things? Are you awful at making things, but spend a lot of time on Facebook watching videos of … Read More

This Week in Geek

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, nerds! Let’s get down to Geek biz!   TEPID MARVEL GEEKING: For anyone who follows this blog, you may have noticed that I was extremely excited for the premier of Marvel’s new Iron Fist Netflix show…but alas, the past two weeks of early reviews have crushed my spirits, along with my anticipation. Almost all … Read More

Regeneration in its Time – Stacey Berg

Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the most satisfying tales, we feel that we have witnessed the most important events in the character’s life so far. Depending on the genre, the external action might be as small as buying the flowers for a party, as great as destroying the ring that … Read More

This Week in Geek

Happy Friday! This Week in Geek, lots of stuff happened, including the fact that my life has mostly been taken over by the release of the Nintendo Switch/ Zelda: Breath of the Wild (she said, surprising no one). Let’s get to it, shall we? Source: Giphy MEDIEVAL ZOMBIE GEEKING: Netflix has announced that it’s making an eight-part … Read More

Love & Fantasy: SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs

By Pam J. We’ve already addressed my epic re-reading fixation. So when I was lucky enough to snag an early copy of SILENCE FALLEN by Patricia Briggs from a friend of mine, who’d received it for review, I fell right back into the Mercyverse. And then felt slightly sheepish. I’ve re-read each of those books … Read More

Q&A with Peter Newman, author of The Malice

The Malice by Peter Newman is available today! The author answered a few burning questions about the second installment in the Vagrant trilogy Q. The Malice follows the story of Vesper, now a young woman. What was it like transitioning to such a different voice and character from The Vagrant? Did it affect your overall writing … Read More

This Week in Geek

  I’m going to be real with you. A few things have happened This Week in Geek (some more casting announcements for the various comic book TV adaptations, Space X announcing they’re sending people to the moon in 2018)…but none of that really matters, because it’s finally here, folks. THE NINTENDO SWITCH HAS ARRIVED! And, subsequently, … Read More

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