UPDATE: Harper Voyager U.S. – Open Submission

Happy February, everyone! I know a few of you have contacted us on Twitter and Facebook to ask about the status of the manuscripts that were submitted to the Harper Voyager US open call we had last November. And so here’s a quick update: We aren’t quite done yet. But we are working on it, … Read More

An excerpt from Dissension by Stacey Berg

For four hundred years, the Church has led the remnants of humanity as they struggle for survival in the last inhabited city. Echo Hunter 367 is exactly what the Church created her to be: loyal, obedient, lethal. A clone who shouldn’t care about anything but her duty. Who shouldn’t be able to. When rebellious citizens … Read More

True Fantasy Sports

By David Pomerico, Executive Editor – Harper Voyager So…a long, long time ago, this happened at New York Comic Con, and I meant to do a write-up, but things got nuts, and… Anyway, on Thursday afternoon at New York Comic Con (2015, if you’re wondering), I somehow convinced six authors to combine two things I … Read More

Awards, Nominations, Harper Voyager US, and You!

So earlier this year, the Harper Voyager team talked about our year in review, specifically, all the great books we did in 2015. You can read it, here. With award nomination season upon us, we felt it might be helpful to clarify that list a bit, just so you know what might be eligible for … Read More

Blood of Innocents is on sale now!

Blood of Innocents by Mitchell Hogan is on sale today! A novice sorcerer may hold the key to saving his world—or be the instrument of its destruction—in this second book in The Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, a mesmerizing saga of high fantasy that combines magic, malevolence, and mystery. Anasoma, jewel of the Mahruse Empire, has fallen. As … Read More

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