Daughter of Blood and 7 Sykos are on sale now!

Daughter of Blood by Helen Lowe is on sale now! Malian of Night and Kalan, her trusted ally, are returning to the Wall of Night—but already it may be too late. The Wall is dangerously weakened, the Nine Houses of the Derai fractured by rivalry and hate. And now, the Darkswarm is rising . . … Read More

World-building: The Seven Wonders of Alissia, by Dan Koboldt

Today we welcome author Dan Koboldt to the Harper Voyager blog. Dan’s new book, The Rogue Retrieval, is a fantasy set in the land of Alissia. He’s here to share some of his favorite parts of creating this strange new world. One of the most cherished books from my childhood is the annotated edition of The Hobbit … Read More

The Rogue Retrieval is on sale today!

The Rogue Retrieval by Dan Koboldt is on sale today! Sleight of hand…in another land Stage magician Quinn Bradley has one dream: to headline his own show on the Vegas Strip. And with talent scouts in the audience wowed by his latest performance, he knows he’s about to make the big-time. What he doesn’t expect is … Read More

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