Harper Voyager Year in Review (Part II)

As editors at Harper Voyager, we often get asked: “How great is it that you get to read for your job?” And the answer is, of course “Really, really great.” And yet, a lot of our reading (and general consumption of science fiction and fantasy) is still work. Our ability to find time to experience … Read More

Harper Voyager – Year in Review (Part I)

Thanks for being a fan of Harper Voyager books. We’ve been pretty lucky this year, because someone has said it’s okay for us to work on science fiction, fantasy, and horror books for a living. How ridiculous is that? (If you answered “Very,” then we’re with you. But we’re not going to keep working as … Read More

Three Promises is on sale now!

Three Promises, an American Faerie Tale Collection, by Bishop O’Connell is on sale now! Promises bind, but some promises break… From the author of The Stolen and The Forgotten comes a collection of stories between the stories, a glimpse of the American Faerie Tale series characters in a whole new light. For more than fifty … Read More

Enemy in the Dark is on sale now!

Enemy in the Dark, book two in the Far Stars series, is on sale now! The second book in the Far Star series follows Blackhawk and the crew of the Wolf’s Claw as they are gradually (and unwillingly) drawn more deeply into Marshal Lucerne’s campaign to form a united power bloc in the Far Stars … Read More

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