DIRE STEPS is on sale in ebook today!

The third installment in the action-packed Sim War series is out today in ebook! The Step, a faster-than-light method of travel, is humanity’s greatest advantage in its interstellar war with the Sims. Olech Mortas, Chairman of the Emergency Senate, believes the Step could be used to contact an alien entity that might tip the scales … Read More

A CRUCIBLE OF SOULS is on sale today!

  The first in acclaimed debut author Mitchell Hogan’s Sorcery Ascendant Sequence. An imaginative new talent makes his debut with the acclaimed first installment in the epic Sorcery Ascendant Sequence, a mesmerizing tale of high fantasy that combines magic, malevolence, and mystery. When young Caldan’s parents are brutally slain, the boy is raised by monks who … Read More

THREE DAYS IN APRIL is on sale today!

A debut standalone novel from author Edward Ashton, THREE DAYS IN APRIL is a near-future speculative thriller that marks the entry of a bright new voice into the genre. Anders Jensen is having a bad month. His roommate is a data thief, his girlfriend picks fights in bars, and his best friend is a cyborg…and … Read More

THE DROWNING GOD and THE OBSIDIAN TEMPLE are Out in Mass Market today!

To uncover modern Japan’s darkest, deadliest secret, one man must face a living nightmare from his childhood Few villagers are happy when Detective Tohru Takuda returns to his hometown to investigate a string of suspicious disappearances. Even the local police chief tries to shut him out from the case. For behind the conspiracy lurks a … Read More

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