Everybody in Chicago has a “superhero sighting” story. So when a villain attacks editorial assistant Gail Godwin and she’s rescued by superhero Blaze, it’s a great story, and nothing more. Until it happens again. And again. Now, the media has dubbed her Hostage Girl, nobody remembers her real name, and people are convinced that Blaze … Read More

METROPHAGE by Richard Kadrey: Back in paperback!

METROPHAGE by Richard Kadrey: Back in paperback!

Metrophage, the cult-classic dystopian cyberpunk tale from New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey, is now back in print in a special signed, collectible edition! About Metrophage: Welcome to our future: L.A. in the late twenty-first century—a segregated city of haves and have-nots, where morality is dead and technology rules. Here, a small wealthy group … Read More

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