The Daylight War trailer is live!

The Daylight War trailer is now up and running – we hope you like it! Buy the Daylight War in hardback: Amazon Waterstones

How I Destroyed the World, Nick Cole

Out now, our digital updated edition of Nick Cole’s fabulous post-apocalyptic novel THE OLD MAN AND THE WASTELAND. To celebrate, Nick tells the story before the story and how his doomsday unfolded. How I Destroyed the World: Every book has got to begin somewhere.  Often the circumstances, though seemingly fantastic, say as found in a Space … Read More

The Daylight War: Trailer sneak preview

After working with the incredible Larry Rostant again for the cover of The Daylight War, we were thrilled to be able to work with another fantastic artist, Dan Kitchener, for a book trailer. The trailer is coming soon, but in the meantime, have a look at these amazing sketches Dan did of Arlen and Jardir… … Read More

Q&A with Peter V Brett

Q&A with Peter V Brett

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions earlier this month! Find out more about Peter’s writing, his inspiration and a hint at what happens AFTER The Daylight War… 1. Where do you get your inspiration to start writing? Everywhere. My own life experiences; the comics, books, music, movies and television I enjoy; people I know, etc. … Read More

EVER AFTER Goes Online TONIGHT: Kim Harrison U-Stream Event

Kim Harrison‘s 1/23 event at University Bookstore will be live-streamed online, so you can be a Hollows insider regardless of where you are! Follow this link to tune in tonight, at 7 pm PDT–and if you “click to experience the power,” you could sign-up for a signed copy of her latest book, Ever After! And for those of you who want to … Read More

Read an extract of The Daylight War

There are less than three weeks until Peter V. Brett’s The Daylight War is published in the UK and only a few days until it is out in Australia. Want to get started before it hits the shelves? The Daylight War begins long before Jardir and Arlen meet, before Arlen becomes The Painted Man or Jardir pronounces … Read More

EVER AFTER out now!

 It’s here! EVER AFTER is out today–Congratulations Kim! Finally you can read the 11th novel in the New York Times bestselling Hollows series (and find out what’s happening to the demonic ever-after, what Ku’Sox has up his sleeve, and see what is going on between Rachel and the ever-intriguing Trent Kalamack.) Kim is touring for … Read More

Signed Copies of EVER AFTER by Kim Harrison!

Nicola’s Books is doing a signed-copy drive for Ever After! When you pre-order from Nicola’s Books, you get an autographed copy shipped to you (even overseas!) by 1/22/13 (when the book goes on sale)—but orders need to be in ASAP. There’s some more info on Kim’s site, and here’s a link to the pre-order page. And here’s another reminder: if you can’t … Read More

Kim Harrison’s EVER AFTER tour

Ann Arbor: January 22, Tuesday, 7:00 PM Nicola’s Books 2513 Jackson Rd (Use Jackson Ave for your GPS) 734-662-0600 Nicola’s would like to ticket this event. Tickets are free and you don’t have to buy the book there (but why not since they are the kick-off store) but the sooner you call, the closer to … Read More

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