Voyager books on ebook sale through April 14

  • Posted by admin on Mar 31 2014

We’ve got a great way to kick off the week – an ebook sale on some great Harper Voyager books! These three books are on sale today through April 14, across all e-reader platforms. So what are you waiting for? Get these deals while they last!

BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES by Joseph Nassise. $0.99. The first book of The Great Undead War series, this alternate history blends steampunk, horror, and action all into one heart-pounding read. At the tail end of 1917, the Germans introduced a new type of gas to the battlefield, T-Leiche, or “corpse gas,” and changed the face of the war by resurrecting the bodies of the dead, giving the enemy an almost unlimited source of fresh troops. The sequel, ON HER MAJESTY’S BEHALF, will publish in December 2014.

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THE ECHO by James Smythe. $1.99. The second book in the Anomaly Quartet, The Echo picks up where The Explorer left off. The disappearance of the spaceship Ishiguro twenty-three years ago devastated the global space program and set back exploration for a generation. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of twin brothers Mira and Tomas Hyvonen, the program has been resurrected. Spearheading a new age of human discovery, the brothers also hope to solve the mystery behind the Ishiguro‘s disastrous mission.

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DEEP SPACE by Ian Douglas. $0.99. The fourth book of the New York Times bestselling Star Carrier series, Deep Space is an action-packed tale of humankind’s struggle to bring down an evil empire that spans the universe. Twenty years after the fragile truce with the Sh’daar, Koenig is now President of the USNA, and Gray is skipper of the CVS America… soon to be promoted to commander of the entire battle group, Koenig’s old position, and one which he might not be ready for. The truce with the alien Sh’daar is unraveling as many predicted, and Humankind still knows little about them, or what they are. The fifth book of the series, DARK MATTER, will publish in June 2014.

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Get lost in space: THE ECHO by James Smythe pubs today

  • Posted by admin on Jan 28 2014

Happy pub day to James Smythe! The second book of the Anomaly Quartet, THE ECHO, comes out in paperback today. This is a follow-up to THE EXPLORER.

The disappearance of the spaceship Ishiguro twenty-three years ago devastated the global space program and set back exploration for a generation. Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of twin brothers Mira and Tomas Hyvonen, the program has been resurrected. Spearheading a new age of human discovery, the brothers also hope to solve the mystery behind the Ishiguro‘s disastrous mission.

Mira and Tomas are determined to make their trip successful. They have arranged everything down to the smallest detail. Nothing has been overlooked.

They don’t know that in space, the devil isn’t always in the details . . . and nothing goes according to plan.

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Vote for James Smythe!

  • Posted by admin on Aug 06 2013

James Smythe has been longlisted for The Guardian’s Not the Booker Prize for his most recent book, The Machine, published by Blue Door! Find out how to vote for him here.

The Explorer is out in paperback at the end of this month and we have two events with James coming up.

The first will be in conversation with Amy McCulloch, author and editor at HarperVoyager – Thursday 29th August, 7pm, Waterstones Guildford, Tickets: £3 and available in store

And the second is in conversation with author Adam Christopher – Waterstone’s Deansgate, Thursday 5th September, 7pm, Tickets: £5/£3 and available in store


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The Explorer is out in the UK

  • Posted by admin on Jan 17 2013

Published earlier this month in the US, James Smythe’s The Explorer is now out in hardback in the UK. To add to the amazing quotes we shared earlier this month, there has been EVEN MORE early praise for this dark, SF thriller, including…

‘A wonderful examination of coping with loss, time and death.’ – SFX Magazine gives it 4 1/2 stars

‘A thriller of deep-space exploration with overtones of the best 70s space-based SF’ – The Guardian features it in their round up of 2013 SF predictions

The Explorer earns a “can’t miss” recommendation for its mind-bending, heart-wrenching, avalanche of a reading experience.’ – SF Signal is a fan

‘…one of the most gripping novels that I’ve read in 2012. Dread, claustrophobia and unease permeate this imaginative, bleak masterpiece. The Explorer was easily my favourite sci-fi novel of the past year, possibly my favourite of all time, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.’ Starburst Magazine gave it 9/10

‘Utterly gripping, terrifyingly claustrophobic, heartbreaking. Literary sci-fi of the best kind.’ Alex Preston (author of The Revelations)

‘James Smythe’s Explorer unfolds like fractal origami. Elegant, streamlined, complex and beautiful.’ Tom Pollock

‘a perfect crossover between literary fiction and science fiction’ Booktrust

‘a head-scratching mystery, a powerful, dangerous vision of the future, and a beautifully-written drama about humanity and what we strive for, all wrapped up in a spaceship-shaped puzzle box. It’s mind-bendingly good. Read it at once.’ Will Hill

‘A suffocating lonely sad and brilliant paean to no one being able to hear you scream in space.’ Nikesh Shukla, author of Costa First Novel Award-shortlisted novel, Coconut Unlimited

‘even if you’re not a fan of sci-fi, or think you’re not, you’ll still find a lot to love about The Explorer. In many ways the space setting and sciency conundrums are incidental; this is at heart a novel about a man pushed to the very edge of his endurance, who must somehow find the mental fortitude to carry on.’ Page Plucker

‘The story is not only entertaining but captivating. In the later stages of the book the plot twists and turns – sometimes back on itself – and through its complexities there actually is a romping good space travel yarn.’ Dog Ear Discs

‘absolutely loved this book, gripping and clever; it kept me up reading late into the night.’ Curiosity Killed the Bookworm blog

‘It’s a taut, claustrophobic, frankly unnerving exploration of grief, memory, self-knowledge, and what it really means to go where no one has gone before both physically and psychologically… I found Smythe’s writing to have a rare power to move. The Explorer is a profound and deeply impressive novel which I urge you to read.’ Words of Mercury blog

‘a taut psychological thriller, that draws on fear of the unknown and the debilitating effects of isolation…. Smythe’s control of the tension is, by and large, spot on. ‘The Explorer’ is reminiscent of Stephen King’s early short fiction… The novel’s conclusion is expertly constructed, and the denouement jaw-dropping. It’s the closest thing I have seen in literature to a ‘Sixth Sense’ type reveal, that will have you thumbing back through the book, to check all the pieces were there. I can assure you they are, and you won’t quite believe you missed them. Things are even left open for a sequel, and such is the open nature of the tale, it could be taken in any number of directions. I can’t wait to see which one the author chooses. If The Testimony marked James Smythe as an author to watch, then The Explorer demands that he is one to follow. An excellent novel.’ Quicksilver Reads blog

‘The whole book is a sort of reflection of ourselves, of society, set against the back drop of space, whilst also being a superb work of science fiction in the traditional sense.’ The Opinionated Geeks blog

The Explorer is a modern Sci-fi novel that grips the reader from the start. It traps you inside a spaceship and does not let you go, you feel the oxygen levels plummeting, you’re cold and starving, while a error message keeps popping up on the screen. There isn’t much time left. What would you do?’ Read, Write and Read Some More blog 

So – have you read it yet?

The Explorer is out TODAY in hardback and is also available as an eBook.

Pick it up at your local store or order it today from Amazon or Waterstone’s.

James is doing two events later on this month:

Wednesday 30th January – 7pm
Event with Ben Johncock for Waterstones11-17 Castle Street, NR2 1PB, Norwich. Tickets available in store or on 0843 290 8519

Saturday 26th February
Q&A with Nikesh Shukla at the Review Bookshop, 131 Bellenden Road, SE15 4QY. For more information 0207 639 7400

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  • Posted by admin on Jan 02 2013

James Smythe’s tense, claustrophobic and gripping science fiction thriller THE EXPLORER is on sale now!

When journalist Cormac Easton is selected to document the first manned mission into deep space, he dreams of securing his place in history as one of humanity’s great explorers. But as soon as the crew emerge from hypersleep, things start to go terribly wrong and soon Cormac finds himself alone and spiraling towards his own inevitable death … unless he can do something to stop it.

Here’s just some of the praise so far:

“Beautifully written, creepy as hell. The Explorer is as clever in its unravelling as it is breathlessly claustrophobic.”
— Lauren Beukes, author of Zoo City

“This is a remarkable book: a state-of-the-art spacecraft constructed from ideas, and propelled by a powerful story. Gripping, terrifying and audacious–an exploration in every sense of the word.”

— Charles Yu, author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

“A challenging and stimulating read.”
— Booklist

The Explorer is essentially exemplary: a short, sharp shock of a story from an author who deserves to do as well for himself as he does by us. It’s perfectly plotted, smartly characterized and rife with insight and excitement.”

“Science fiction is best when it does what we least expect, when it transforms narrative into something you don’t see coming. Smythe guides this tale with a sure hand, leading readers along a non-linear path where anything might happen and what does happen will make you reconsider all that happened before. It’s a trick not every writer can master, but Smythe makes a marvel of this world, and these characters, and makes this reader want the sequel now.”
— Romantic Times BOOKclub (Top Pick!)

“The Explorer is smart, scary and seductive. Like its protagonist, it explores the queasy strangeness of space-time, and puts the reader at the heart of a tale of watching and fearing that comes off like a collaboration between Hitchcock and Heinlein. Excellent stuff.”
— Lloyd Shepherd, author of The English Monster

“Dark, cold, claustrophobic, and oh so very scary. The Explorer is literary science fiction at its blackest best.”
— Adam Christopher, author of Empire State and Seven Wonders


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