Call of Fire and Of the Divine on sale today!

Call of Fire and Of the Divine on sale today!

A resourceful young heroine must protect the world from her enemies—and her own power—in Call of Fire, the thrilling sequel to the acclaimed Breath of Earth, an imaginative blend of alternative history, fantasy, science, magic, and adventure. When an earthquake devastates San Francisco in an alternate 1906, the influx of geomantic energy nearly consumes Ingrid Carmichael. Bruised … Read More

Harper Voyager at SDCC 2017!

Hey there, SFF fans, con-goers, and disciples of Nova! If you’re attending SDCC 2017 this weekend, be sure to stop by the Harper Collins booth (#1029), and say hi to our authors at their panels and signings. Here’s a full list of all Voyager-tacular activities, to facilitate getting your geek on. Enjoy!   San Diego … Read More

Harper Voyager Science Fair: Real Science of Military Sci-Fi

Harper Voyager Science Fair: Real Science of Military Sci-Fi

Today, three acclaimed military sci-fi authors join us for the Harper Voyager Science Fair (#hvsciencefair) to share the real science behind military science fiction! Neuralink Features By William H. Keith, aka Ian Douglas (author of Dark Mind) The works of Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, and other SF luminaries notwithstanding, science fiction does not predict the … Read More

This Week in Geek

Hello, fellow geeks! This week has brought us geeking of the cinematic variety! Lots of exciting stuff happening in the world of nerd-films geek TV, so let’s get to it!   Craft Geeking: Do you love making things? Are you awful at making things, but spend a lot of time on Facebook watching videos of … Read More

Regeneration in its Time – Stacey Berg

Stories have a beginning, a middle, and an end. In the most satisfying tales, we feel that we have witnessed the most important events in the character’s life so far. Depending on the genre, the external action might be as small as buying the flowers for a party, as great as destroying the ring that … Read More

Q&A with Peter Newman, author of The Malice

The Malice by Peter Newman is available today! The author answered a few burning questions about the second installment in the Vagrant trilogy Q. The Malice follows the story of Vesper, now a young woman. What was it like transitioning to such a different voice and character from The Vagrant? Did it affect your overall writing … Read More

This Week in Geek

Hello. Lots of geek things happened! Are you ready? I’m excited. Let’s do this thing. SPACE GEEKING Listen, the discovery of seven (SEVEN!!!) earth-like planets is likely the coolest thing that will happen in any of our lifetimes, barring the robot apocalypse (which is also scary, but whatever). These planets, now known as the TRAPPIST-1 … Read More

Feeling lucky? Chances to win this month from Harper Voyager!

As book people, there’s nothing we here at Harper Voyager love more than sharing the books we love with other book people. This month we have several opportunities for you to win exciting new books, or even a space nerd’s dream vacation! The Ultimate “Out of this World” Prize Package – There’s still time to enter … Read More

Manuscript Wish List

. . . Ever wonder what editors are looking for?   David Pomerico First and foremost, I’m looking for a variety of voices, with authenticity being the key. Whether it’s gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or a combination of those, we’re looking for more authors and characters that show the rich, diverse nature of the … Read More

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